Siberian breaking news for May 17

Omsk sportsman won the basketball trophy of Old World /
Omsk strongman proved to be the best one /
Chinese tea party with Omsk candies and cookies /
Tangled from Altai charmed British 

Omsk sportsman won the basketball trophy of Old World 

The forward from CSKA Moscow Andrey Vorontsevich for the second time in his career won in Euro league. In the final match Moscow team played with the team from Turkey the first half of the game Moscow team was on leading positions however Turkish team managed to even the score and even outran our team. Luckily for Moscow team Victor Khryapa as the captain of the team acted proactively scored one goal and lead the team to the overtime. The overtime brought luck to CSKA Moscow and they won with the score 101:96. Thus Moscow team has ended its series of misfortunes started in 2008 when the team once didn’t take part in Final Four but other times didn’t manage to win the main trophy. It is worth mentioning the results of our sportsman Andrey Vorontsevich he scored 11 points and made 2 block shots.

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Omsk strongman proved to be the best one 

At the World Cup of strongmen Mikhail Shyvliyakov won silver medal. This year PROFORM World Cup strongmen Uzbekistan-2016 was held last weekend in Tashkent there were 13 athletes from 8 different countries Uzbekistan, Poland, Hungary, Russia (representatives Mikhail Shyvliyakov, Evgeny Makarov, Sergey Farafontiev), Ukraine, USA, Lithuania and Estonia. Altogether there were five different exercises which all strongmen had to make the first one was boom and the best results showed strongmen from Poland and two from Russia then was deadlift after that exercise was clear that the main fight will be between Polish strongman and our Mikhail Shyvliyakov. The third part was Viking-press where all athletes had to make presses with fixed weight of 170 kilograms. Later athletes made two more exercises and in the end Polish strongman Mateush Kelishkovskiy scored the highest result and won the gold medal our Omsk strongman took the second place and silver medal. The third place went to strongman from Uzbekistan and another Omsk strongman was on the sixth place.

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Chinese tea party with Omsk candies and cookies 

Soon people of China will be able to taste Omsk sweets two companies Sladunitsa and Siberian squirrel will deliver their goods to China. Not so long ago the delegation which represents commercial companies of Manchuria visited Omsk with business purposes. As it was said during the visit representatives of Chinese business discussed the cooperation with local enterprises. As the results of negotiations was the deal to supply China with Omsk sweets and cookies moreover the guests got interested in goods of Milkom Company. The members of delegations asked for detailed dates and terms of delivery of Omsk dairy products to China. YTO Group Corporation and Enisey corporation also became partners. Omsk Company will be the dialer of Chinese farm machinery which will be delivered directly from plant in Luoyang city.

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Tangled from Altai charmed British 

The Siberian has been growing her hair since 13 and finally she became like the famous fairy-tale character Tangled. The information about young citizen of Barnaul Daria Gubanova was published in British The Daily Mail. According to the girl’s notes in Instagram she set a goal to grow hair up to heels. “Last time I cut my hair when I was fourteen”, says Tangled from Altai. Most subscribers whom already about 100 thousand admire her appearance and often asked the girl advice how to take care of their hair.

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