Siberian breaking news for March 15

Novosibirsk scientists know how to identify viruses /
Promising cooperation with China 

Novosibirsk scientists know how to identify viruses 

Thanks to the discovery of Siberian scientists soon there will be the device able to identify viruses which are inside the human organism. The specialists from Physics University named after A.V. Rzhanov have found a method of identifying viruses. The technology is based on crystal resonator which is used as a sensor. With the help of this method you can split different bacteria and change their connection with surface and at the moment when particles detach from the surface the specialists define special audio signal. All this helps to identify bacterial virus. Now the specialists from the university together with MBA Technology are working on a new device which will help to identify viruses right away.

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Promising cooperation with China 

Two radio stations Siberian Radio and International China Radio decided to make a project together the thing is that both station will post on their official websites the news and events which happening in partner country. Both of the radio stations mean to have long-term cooperation and already have two projects. Moreover both stations have launched the series of programmes called Your reliable partner so the Russian side has already told to China listeners about Tomsk, Omsk and Kemerovo oblast and our China colleagues have presented Beijing. 
Additional information: 
On 17th of December in PRC has been made the agreement about long-term cooperation between two radio stations Russian and China ones. The agreement was signed by the chief executive officer of Interstate Corporation for Development Ivan Polyakov and chief executive officer of International China radio Van Gehnnjan. The agreement states that both sides will exchange the information and different programmes, develop informational space between two countries, organizing internships for specialists from radio stations and also organizing different events together.

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