Siberian breaking news for February 26

Forever young /
Hat-trick from Sergey Kalinin /
Omsk biathlete became European champion 

Forever young 

The specialists from Altai Biological State University have created the remedy which helps organism to produce new cells. The remedy has already been tasted on warms and laboratory rodents and it showed very good results. According to the scientists to test this remedy on people will be possible in a few years. The remedy is based on stem cells by getting into organism it provokes formation of new cells. The regenerate effect of the remedy will help to cure injuries and ulcer.

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Hat-trick from Sergey Kalinin 

Ex-captain from Omsk hockey team Avangard Sergey Kalinin distinguished himself by very energetic activity during the last game. The match between New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers was quite eventful at the first five minutes the Devils scored the first goal and it was done by Tyler Kennedy with the help of Sergey Kalinin. Closer to the final Sergey by himself scored another goal and it became his six one in this season. But between these two events one more interesting thing happened – the forward had a fight with a player from rival team Jonathan Tanner Miller. Both players were out for five minutes and in addition Jonathan Miller was out for the rest of the game because he cut Sergey Kalinin with tape which is against the rules. “I have been dreaming for a long time to make hat-trick to Gordon Howe and now my dream has come true. This was my first match in NHL and of course I’m satisfied with the results”, says Sergey Kalinin. Overall in 57 matches the forward scored 11 points (6+5).

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Omsk biathlete became European champion 

At the continental forum which took place in Tyumen Victoria Slivko together with Anton Babikov won a gold medal. The coaches gave the opportunity to Victoria to open the race and they got their money’s worth. She hit all aims and let her partner to continue the race with time advantage of 10,8 seconds. Anton Babikov also showed good results and increase the time difference up to 29,4 seconds. As a result our biathletes finished first, the second place went to German and the third one to Norway. It is also worth mentioning that for Victoria Slivko this was the first serious competition earlier she just took part in junior competitions.

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