Siberian breaking news for February 1

Biathlon Junior Championship: another success of Omsk sportsman /
Groundhog Day /

Biathlon Junior Championship: another success of Omsk sportsman 

Igor Malinovskiy won a silver medal at this Championship however he hoped to get a gold medal because last Friday he won sprint race. The things would be different this time and Igor would get a gold medal if he showed better result in shooting but unfortunately he showed the result of 1.07,6 minutes and came to finish second. Another biathlete Vyacheslav Maleev won a gold medal and a bronze medal went to biathlete from Norway.

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Groundhog Day 

The workers from Krasnoyarsk zoo will celebrate Groundhog Day with their visitors. But instead of groundhog there will be the closest relative flying squirrel because the real symbol of this holiday has already adapted to Siberian weather and wakes up only in spring. So flying squirrel will take the duty upon itself the zoo workers are planning to wake it up on February 2nd at 2 o’clock.

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The workers from Krasnoyarsk local history museum found a ghost in old pictures of Krasnoyarsk. As it was reported by Moskovskiy Komsomolets the pictures where the ghost of a little girl was found was made from 1906 to 1908 in different places of Krasnoyarsk. In each picture the girl dressed in the same white dress and wears the same hat the girl’s braid is always over her shoulder and she has no smile on her face. This mysterious girl put Krasnoyarsk citizens into a flutter and they are sure that in these pictures you can see the visitor from afterworld.

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