Siberian breaking news for October 6

The scientists found the natural way to clear ponds /
In support of Russian language

The scientists found the natural way to clear ponds

The scientists from biological Tomsk University proposed to use common warms which are used as food for fish to clear ponds. According to the scientists this warms can even handle oil pollution and plus they can work all year even in winter. In one day warms can recycle the bottom ground nine times bigger than its weight. The basin water management is already interested in this innovation.

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In support of Russian language

Russian non-government organization which is popularizing Russian language and culture is interested in Omsk language project Funny Russian. The organization posted the information about Omsk project on its website. The aim of the project is to tell in easy way about difficulties in Russian language every day new videos are made and their theme changes once a week. The programme is broadcasted not only in Omsk but in other regions where radio Siberia broadcasts the authors of the project are people who made another project called Modern Russian. “We have been partners with Russian non-government organization Russian world for a very long time they are always interested in what we do and this is very important to us. We want not only foreign people to speak Russian well but also our people”, says the head of innovations linguistic projects department Tamara Skok.
Additional information:
The fund Russian world is popularizing Russian language and culture and also it supports different organizations which make projects connected with Russian language. It was founded in 2007 according to President decree. The founders are Ministry of International Affairs of Russian Federation and Ministry of education.

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