Siberian breaking news for September 30 - October 1

Omsk Paralympian won Berlin marathon and set a new record in Russia /
Edible Mona Lisa /
You shall not pass!

Omsk Paralympian won Berlin marathon and set a new record in Russia

This is the second victory of Natalia Kocherova for the last week in international marathon. The marathon took place in the capital of Germany last Sunday. Along with the main competition there also was a marathon race where 36 Paralympians from different countries took part. Our Siberian athlete Natalia Kocherova covered the distance in 1 hour 50 minutes and 36 seconds and won the gold medal moreover she set a new Russian record and renewed it on 8 seconds. The silver medal went to another Omsk athlete Akzhana Abdikarimova who covered the distance with a time of 1 hour 54 minutes and 51 seconds. The bronze medal went to an athlete from Germany and according to the information given our athletes have passed standard A and now they will go to Paralympian Games in 2016. On 24th of September Natalia Kocherova won another race Rezert Sport. The race took place at the track of Formula-1 in Sochi back then our athlete covered distance in 53 minutes and 35 seconds and overtook Irina Gulyaeva and Akzhan Abdikarimova. “I hope that this victory will help me to work even harder and prepare to Paralympics we have more races next season and we need to get ready. Everything depends on us we just need to work really hard and plus we have enough time almost one year”, says Natalia Kocherova.

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Edible Mona Lisa

In Novokuznetsk the restaurateurs and specialists in food art have created the reproduction of famous Leonardo da Vinci painting Mona Lisa but it is made from food. The experts highly evaluated the work and as a result the “painting” got to Guinness Book of Records. The edible painting is approximately two square meters and it is made from beef, cheese, spaghetti, prawns, rice, buckwheat and others. All the materials which were used to make the painting were of home manufacture and the total weight of it is 25 kilograms. You might be interested what is the purpose of this creation by doing this the new Italian restaurant celebrated its opening. Despite the fact that the specialists spent a few hours making it the guests of the restaurant ate it in a few minutes. People who came to estimate and eat Mona Lisa said that the reproduction is look like real painting. By the way, Siberians get to Guinness Book of Records quite often for example in 2013 the bride from Omsk set a record as the bride with the longest veil of 3,5 kilometers.

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You shall not pass! 

Omsk toilet paper with sanction text is not popular in Europe. The author of the project Kirill Kolyasin told that it is hard to tailor marketing abroad. The paper is really popular in Russia and it costs 450 rubles and many orders come from Moscow but there is also a representative in Germany. According to the author people send many e-mails asking if the company has something similar. The problem is that the consignment encountered with some problems at customs service. The text is printed on the paper in European language the author on purpose didn’t change the sanction text the only thing they did was that they shortened the text and left out personal names and names of the companies. There is also the pictures of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and David Cameron.

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