Siberian breaking news for September 25

All you need is old magazines /
Novosibirsk is quite popular among foreign guests /
Omsk Paralympians won a lot of medals at World Championship

All you need is old magazines 

The vehicle which was designed by the prisoners from Penal colony No. 3 is going to be used for garbage disposition and snow shovelling. According to the information given it was the idea of the prisoners to design the vehicle they looked through some old car magazines and used the advice of mechanics. It took two month to design the hood of the vehicle and one more month to paint it. After all work had been done the vehicle went through some testing and it was quite successful. Minitractor can develop speed up to 44 miles per hour and can carry 1 tons cargoes.

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Novosibirsk is quite popular among foreign guests

The rating was made by the experts from the booking website. As it was expected Moscow became the most popular city among tourists and as the experts pointed out this city has the biggest and richest history and plus it attracts tourists by its cultural programmes and big sports events. On the second place is Saint-Petersburg which has all rights to be called the most beautiful city in Russia and of course everybody knows that it is the cultural capital of Russia. On the third place is Kazan and the only city from Siberia in this rating is Novosibirsk it is on the 8th position. The experts said that the hotel prices in Novosibirsk are very reasonable and now they became even lower in comparison with other cities as a sightseeing tourists can visit The opera and ballet theatre, Central Square and the chapel of Saint Nicolas. Also in the list are Vladivostok (5th place), Sochi (6th place), Kaliningrad (7th place), Adler (9th place) and Krasnodar (10th place). Unfortunately Omsk isn’t in this rating however the guest from Sochi Julia Muhamadeeva who came here to participate in SIM-2015 said that she liked our city and it has many beautiful and historical places which worth visiting and also places for walking.

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Omsk Paralympians won a lot of medals at World Championship 

The competition which took place in Hungarian city was from September 18 up to 24 and there were four Omsk sportsmen Julia Efimova, Roman Fedyaev, Artur Usupov and Aleksander Kuzukov. All managed to be in the final but more successful this championship was for Julia Efimova she won two medals and one of them is gold one. Champion title in fencing our sportswoman won in team competitions the girls left behind sportswomen from Greece, Hungary and Hong Kong. The other medal Julia Efimova won in individual competition but in semi-final she was overtook by Chinese sportswoman. As for our sportsmen they were successful in team competitions but they didn’t manage to be in the final because of the Polish team. The next big competition where our sportsmen will take part is in October and it will be in Paris.

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