Siberian breaking news for September 22

Skype is out of order /
Curvaceous cutie from Siberia /
Two Omsk volleyball players won gold medals on World Championship

Skype is out of order

The failure of Skype proved that users of all social networks and other programmes cannot be sure of good service. The head of Interstate Corporation of Development Ivan Polyakov said that Omsk Manufacturing Association named after A.S. Popov is working on new programme which will be safer and would not be out of order. On 21st of September there was a massive failure of Skype programme many people were not able to use it but those who managed to enter the programme couldn’t send text messages.

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Curvaceous cutie from Siberia

Irina Cheremnyh became the winner of all-Russian beauty contest Miss North Aurora-2015 plus size. There were 12 participants in the final which took place in Saint-Petersburg and one of the main terms was that the participants suppose to have size not less than 50. The jury decided to award a 20-year old student from Novosibirsk she is the youngest participant and plus Irina won the award in the nomination Miss Femality. “We had no argument whether to whom we should give the main prize. Irina has a very good combination of femality and the way she presents herself. Moreover she has a very beautiful figure and the clothes which she was wearing complete her look and plus she managed well the last trial because she showed how suppose to look the girl of future”, says one of the juries Ilya Fedorov. “To be honest the extra weight helps you to form the right circle of contacts” says Irina Cheremnyh.

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Two Omsk volleyball players won gold medals on World Championship

Russian national volleyball team won the last championship they left behind teams from Poland, Argentina, USA, China, Canada and Italy. In the semi-final our team won over Brazilians but in the final our sportsmen encountered a really strong rival. Our sportsmen played with Argentina in the final and it seemed like there was no chance to get the victory but our team managed to seize the opportunity and won over Argentina (25:16, 25:21)

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