Siberian breaking news for September 21

Siberian International Marathon will go back to previous schedule /
New messenger from Novosibirsk developers /
Omsk painter made an art object out of stairs

Siberian International Marathon will go back to previous schedule 

The decision to reschedule the date of SIM from August to September was made in 2013 because the previous year on the day of marathon was so hot weather that about 30 participants were taken to hospital due to heat stroke. That’s why the organizers made a decision to hold the marathon in September but they encountered some other problems. First, the Siberian marathon was held at the same time with other important sport events and a lot of athletes chose to participate in other competitions. Second, the weather left much to be desired – cloudy skies, strong wind, rain and freezing air made many participants to stay at their homes. As it turned out SIM-2015 was the coldest marathon ever and gathered the smallest number of participants for the last ten years. Due to this reasons the organizers decided to go back to the previous date. “The marathon was always held right before the City Day and we had a lot of participants back then and plus many people came just to support those who ran. So we decided that next year we will go back to the previous date and organize the marathon in August”, says the head of local ministry of sports Aleksander Fabtitsius.

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New messenger from Novosibirsk developers

The developers from Novosibirsk have written a new programme which according to them will cast in the shade other popular messengers. The new programme got the name Cuckoo-Yoo-hoo and it has all the necessary functions like sending massages and photos. However that’s not all the rival-to be of other programmes like WhatsApp and Viber can do more than just sending messages via this application people can pay their buying, make online transfers and call a taxi. “All personal data stays confidential and its leak absolutely impossible”, says one of the developers Aleksey Penskih. According to news agency the programme is going through some final testing and it will be available in October 2015. The Cuckoo-Yoo-hoo programme will be in App Store and Google Play.

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Omsk painter made an art object out of stairs

The painter Ekaterina Sedymova depicted on stairs one of the Leonid Afremov paintings. Ekaterina wasn’t the one who chose the painting she organize an open vote in one of the social networks. It took Ekaterina 25 hours to make the painting done most of the time she spent on repairing the stairs. “Mostly Leonid Afremov has dark paintings but by means of contrasts they can shine. I saw painted stairs all over the world and decided that our city should also have something similar”, says the painter Ekaterina Sedymova.

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