Siberian breaking news for September 9

Scientists have discovered a virus in permafrost /
Novosibirsk scientists proved the existence of Arktida /
Omsk sportswoman set a new record

Scientists have discovered a virus in permafrost 

The virus Mollivirus sibericum is 0,6 micron long and it can be easily seen through light microscope. The discovery was made by French and Russian scientists and according to news agency TASS the virus has spent about 30 thousand years below ground. Inside the ice specialists found untouched specimens of DNA and this helped them to make some experiments however the scientists are afraid that there is a risk of awaking some other viruses like the one which has been found recently. The danger zones are arctic regions which are of the utmost interest among scientists because these regions have a lot of mineral wealth. “If we study these regions without proper care and start to industrialize them than we might awake viruses such as smallpox which is considered to be eradicated”, says Jean-Michel Clave the professor from French University.

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Novosibirsk scientists proved the existence of Arktida

The ancient continent which also has a name Giperborei located on the territory of modern Arctic. Earlier the fact of Arktida existence was a scientific hypothesis however the scientists from Novosibirsk State University and Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences managed to furnish the proofs. The scientists analyzed ancient geomagnetic field and thanks to that they determined the location of earth shell blocks in the past. The received data helped to find out the location of Giperborei besides according to Dmitry Metelkin the professor from Novosibirsk State University our planet had two arctic continents but not one. “According to our model the first continent let’s call it Arktida-1 was formed billion years ago and it was a part of a bigger massive Rodiniya which united all well-known continental blocks. About 750 million years ago Rodiniya continent disintegrated and the second birth of Arktida was 250 million years ago”, says Dmitry Metelkin.

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Omsk sportswoman set a new record

Irina Atamanova has won a gold medal in weight category of 72 kilograms. A powerlifting world championship among juniors this year was in Czech Republic and as it was already mentioned above Irina Atamanova won a gold medal and rewrite Russian record. In triathlon the girl showed the result of 427 kilograms. Irina Atamanova is a mentee of Zhaslan and Irina Ahmatovy and it is not the first victory of the sportswoman this year. In April Irina Atamanova won a silver medal at Europe championship in Hungary.

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