Siberian breaking news for September 7

Real life organ show /
The beginning of this year winter will be quite apocalyptic /
Palestinian separatists hacked Omsk website

Real life organ show

The famous horn orchestra with international fame will visit Omsk for the first time with their programme. This orchestra has a very special sounding because they play 106 hunter’s horns no other orchestra in the world cannot play the same music as they do. This is deeply Russian tradition which is already two and a half century old. According to the special center of musical therapy the tone quality of horn instruments has a very good influence on people’s organism. The Russian horn orchestra was found in 2006 and they have already performed in many famous and prestigious places in Russia as well in abroad.

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The beginning of this year winter will be quite apocalyptic

In December the famous symphonic rockers from Apocalyptica will perform in Omsk though it was known in May that the musicians will come but nobody knew the date for sure. Not so long ago the group has published on their official website the schedule of their tour and it was clear that in our city the group will perform in December also the musicians will visit Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Krasnodar and will finish their tour in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. The group organized a big Europe tour in furtherance of their new album Shadowmaker. “Shadowmakers are impersonal people who control this world and make decisions. They are impersonal because we don’t know who the hell are they and who make all this rules and decisions. I think that everyone has come across with such Shadowmakers who live in lies and still all your good energy. So I think this album is about how to fight with darkness”, says one of the musicians.

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Palestinian separatists hacked Omsk website

Omsk website which is devoted to 300th anniversary of Omsk city recently has been hacked by Palestinian separatists. Now instead of historical information website gives only slogans which say that people of Palestine want Israeli forces to leave their country. The website was made by students from Omsk Polytechnic University and now it works on the basis of Omsk Administration website with address Further on this website should be turned into online encyclopedia about Omsk city and translated into four foreign languages like English, German, Chinese and French. Now as it was already mentioned on the first page of website there are some slogans with vulgar words about dissatisfaction of Palestinian people. So far the website is out of order.

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