Siberian breaking news for September 1

Siberians organize extreme expedition to Chukotka /
Omsk citizen is one of the men from U.N.C.L.E. /
Siberian students got the contact with International Space Station

Siberians organize extreme expedition to Chukotka

The group of travellers from Novosibirsk is planning to get to the easternmost point of Russia - the village Uelen. During the expedition travellers will cover the distance of 4 thousand kilometers and according to Interfax-Siberia the expedition starts on January 2016 but the travellers who are the members of Off Road Master club don’t want to predict the date when the expedition ends. Interesting fact is that wheel transport managed to get to Uelen village only three times but only with the help of caterpillar tractors. Novosibirsk travellers count only on themselves they are planning to get to Bering shore without any help. Plus the group wants to visit Oimyakon, Yakutia and Pevek harbor.

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Omsk citizen is one of the men from U.N.C.L.E.

Our fellow countryman played one of the roles in new blockbuster movie made by Guy Ritchie. Misha Kuznetsov was born in Omsk but then he moved to USA and in new movie he played the head of KGB. However the actor appears from time to time in the movie but all the episodes with his participation are very memorable. The actor has already filmed in such projects like 25th Hour, Elementary, Law & Order, What about Joan but this movie is his first big job. The new Guy Ritchie movie was well received by mass-media and film critics and many people have already watched it. By the way Misha Kuznetsov not only work in film industry he gave his voice to one of the characters from GTA 4 Vlad Glebov who is the representative of Russian mafia and always says something like “Why do you have to eat cabbage if you have potato?”

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Siberian students got the contact with International Space Station

Today on 1st of September in Tomsk University was held communication session and specially for that occasion on the roof of the university was installed antenna. The organizer of this session is the great-grandson of famous Konstantin Tsiolkovsky who was a Russian and Soviet rocket scientist and pioneer of the astronautic theory. Soon in Tomsk Polytechnic University will be opened the mission control center. Tomsk citizens played a very important role during rocket and space technology manufacturing, some people from Tomsk were the part of Baikanur direction. Today some students from Tomsk University work at spaceport Vostochny.

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