Siberian breaking news for August 25

Russian accumulate different substances in their organisms /
Novosibirsk students will sell fish skin /
The world champion Oksana Kizhnerova threatened the girl after she took a shot at her

Russian accumulate different substances in their organisms 

The scientists from Tomsk State Polytechnic University analyzed what kind of substances accumulate in Russians organisms. As it turned out the type of substance depends on place of residence and the scientists from Tomsk University tasted five Russian cities. All data was received on the basis of local crematorium and as a result the scientists clarified that organism of Novosibirsk citizens have has gold it is because of the precious metals refinery in Novosibirsk. The citizens of Novokuznetsk full of aluminium, Ekaterinburg has a lot of caesium, strontium and niobium. Rostov-on-Don has thorium and rare-earth metals and Saint-Petersburg has terbium and lutecium. Now the scientists are analyzing the results from other Russian city Norilsk which according to the experts is one of the dirtiest cities on the planet along with Chernobyl and Dzerzhinsk where was the manufacture of chemical weapon.

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Novosibirsk students will sell fish skin

The owners of the enterprise have invented a unique method of manufacturing salmon skin. According to the businessmen Sergey Shlykov (he is a second-year student from Novosibirsk State University) and Galina Gribovskaya the new technology allows to manufacture the product which is more durable, beautiful and waterproof than other types of leather. Plus modern designers started to pay more attention to fish skin and it is not so expensive material for square decimeter you pay only 55 rubles and it is quite reasonable price.

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The world champion Oksana Kizhnerova threatened the girl after she took a shot at her

A 24-year old Oksana Kizhnerova who last year won Thai box championship can be art and part in criminal case. Oksana took a shot at the driver who cut off her on the road. The accident happened on August 18 at one of Omsk streets. According to the preliminary version Oksana took a shot at the driver after he cut off her on the road she managed to overtake the driver’s car and shot to times at the man. As a result a 20-year old passenger Christina Eppinger was injured she got temple trauma and it was necessary to make an operation in order to take the bullet out. Christina has spent a week in hospital and as the girl said during her stay in hospital she received a few calls from Oksana but she called not to say that she is sorry she called and threatened Christina. Now the police are in the middle of investigation they are questioning witnesses and the participants of accident. The criminal case hasn’t been open yet and it will be clear after Christina will fully recover and will give the documents about her injure. Oksana Kizhnerova doesn’t comment this situation and her phone is switched off. Oksana’s friends say that the accident was provoked by Christina Eppinger. Oksana Kizhnerova won the champion title in May 2014 and left behind sportsmen from Finland, UK, Ukraine and Sweden. Probably soon the sport career will end for Oksana.

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