Siberian breaking news for August 24

The scientists have made a new discovery /
Omsk gymnast won three gold medals on World Cup /
The theory of human origin can be changed /
The fountain with emerald waters

The scientists have made a new discovery

During the archeological digs the scientists have made a new discovery it was the skeleton of an ancient man and some religious symbols. It was actually a second-year student from Omsk Pedagogical University from historic department Valihan Eleusizov who found the grave during the digs he saw an object showing out from ground Valihan took a picture of it and continued the work. He didn’t even think that he would make the biggest discovery and find a man from the neolithic age. The archeologists have a funny tradition to call the discovery after the person who found it so the skeleton got the name Valihan Senior. For science it is a very important discovery because it proves that ancient people who lived in Omsk oblast had a very complicated social scale and a system of religious beliefs. Thanks to new scientifical methods the scientists managed to define the borders of the graves and as a result on the territory of Stoyanka Omskaya have been found more than 2000 artifacts which are valuable from scientific side.

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Omsk gymnast won three gold medals on World Cup

The final of World Cup in Kazan was very successful for Russian national team our sportsmen won gold medals in every disciplines. Omsk gymnast Sofia Skomoroh and her team mates at the first day of the competition became the best at all-round with the result of 35.950 points. The girls left behind teams from Belorussia, Bulgaria and Israel. Yesterday on August 23 our gymnasts won two more gold medals. The girls took first place in exercises with five ribbons their result was 17.950 points (girls left behind Bulgaria with 17.700 points and Japan with 17.450 points) and with six clubs and two hoops (Russia 18.100 points, Belorussia 17.850 points and Bulgaria 17.700 points). Margarita Mamun as an individual showed the best performance and won five gold medals out of five possible. The next big championship will be in Stuttgart in September.

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The theory of human origin can be changed

It is not clear yet whether this theory will be changed a little or not the scientists will make a decision after genetic analysis of remain which were found in Strashnaya cave. During the archeological digs the scientists have found some bones’ remain of ancient men. If to be exact it were parts of nail phalanx, skull and rib. The age of the first discovery is 35-40 thousand years and others at least 50 thousand years. The head of the department of archeology and ethnography Andrey Krivoshapkin from Novosibirsk State University said that if they find organic matter in remain than there will be a possibility to make a genetic analysis which will show what kind of ancient people these remain belong to. According to the scientists more close studying of remain can lead to some changes in the theory of human origin.

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The fountain with emerald waters 

An unusual fountain with emerald waters is located in Novosibirsk zoo this water is absolutely harmless for people. The thing is that it was specially made trick within the limits of the project Simple science. The organizer of the project Mikhail Demidov for his experiment used soluble fluorescein this element gave water emerald color. According to the author of the experiment to see the reach emerald color of water it is better to look at it in day time, if you look at it in the evening or when it’s cloudy the effect won’t be the same. If you are interested why Mikhail Demidov made this project then we should tell you that there were no concrete purpose it was just scientific and entertainment experiment

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