Siberian breaking news for August 18-19

Another record of Fedor Konyukhov /
New social network /
Do you know who the best barman in the world is?

Another record of Fedor Konyukhov

For a new record Russian traveller needs hot air balloon he told that on the last meeting of Irkutsk administration with the help of this balloon he is going to cross the biggest lake of our country Baikal. During this event the famous traveller is aiming to beat the previous record of the highest flight on hot air balloon. By the way, that’s not the only big project which Fedor Konyukhov wants to accomplish after that he is planning to make a journey around our planet. Russian traveller will start his journey in Australian desert in July or August of 2016. 

Enlightenment: Fedor Konyukhov is the first person in the world who managed to reach all five poles of our planet. He has been three times in geographic North Pole, visited geographic South Pole, a pole of inaccessibility in the Arctic Ocean, Everest and Cape Horn. Also Fedor has been five times in round-the-world voyage and crossed the Atlantic for seventeen times. In 2015 Fedor set a new Russian record as the longest flight on hot air balloon and he is the only one who managed to cross the Pacific Ocean alone on a rowing boat in 160 days. Fedor is the first Russian who has visited all highest pick from each continent of our planet.

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New social network

The new social network for disabled people has been launched by All-Russian Society of Disabled People. This unusual project was created by Kemerovo citizens and there are no such social networks around the world. “Many disabled people feel lonely and they need communication so we decided to create a special social network where these people can eaily communicate with others”, says the CEO of Kemerovo department of All-Russian Society of Disabled People. Despite the fact that new social network is specially made for disabled people every one can join it and the organizers told that in the nearest future this network will be available to the neighboring countries. About 1,5 million rubles was spent on the project and local businessmen made their contribution.

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Do you know who the best barman in the world is?

Maria Sinzova became a prize-winner of Worldskills Competition - 2015. This year the competition took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it unites the representatives of different professions like baker, hair dresser, engineer and etc. The participants should prove to the jury, audience and their rivals that they are best at what they do. Worldskills Competition - 2015 was the biggest competition ever there were more than 1200 participants from 70 different countries. Russians won six medals in nomination Medallions of Excellence and according to the results were on 14th place and it is very good result because in 2013 our Russian team was only at 43rd place. Maria Sinzeva from Krasnoyarsk won one of these six medals and she became the best barman. There was one more winner from Krasnoyarsk Vitaliy Panteev became the best craftsman.

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