Siberian breaking news for August 6-7

The scientists from Altai Kray made a new discovery /
Two tickets to the Dominican Republic, please /
Mass morning exercises /
No abolition of parmesan and jamon in Omsk

The scientists from Altai Kray made a new discovery

The workers from Tigirekskiy reserve which is located on South West of Altai Kray have discovered a new type of centipede which has never been seen before. This new type of insect belongs to vegetable-eating millipedes class and they have specific round-shaped body with many narrow sections with two pairs of legs on each section. The new type of centipede have already got the scientific name Leptoiulus tigirek in other words tigirekskaya centipede it is known that this type lives on the territory of Altai reserve or near granite slopes of Tigirekskiy crest. By the way this new discovered type of insect joined the ranks of animals and plants which were named after Tigirekskiy earlier the name of the reserve got a endemic species of violet Viola tigirekica and parasitic mite Macronyssus tigirecus.

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Two tickets to the Dominican Republic, please

Today the 7th of August is a lucky day for Omsk citizen Angela Sosedova who became a millionth passenger of Omsk airport and as a present Angela got two return tickets to the Dominican Republic. But that wasn’t the only present the woman also got a special pillow for more comfortable flights. The woman will spend her holidays on the coast of Atlantic Ocean with her son. Last December the manager of Omsk kindergarten became a millionth passenger and she also got tickets to the Dominican Republic at the expense of Transaero airline plus she got the VIP service in Omsk airfield.

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No abolition of parmesan and jamon in Omsk

This Thursday according to President decree all products from embargo list which were smuggled to Russia will be abolished under this category the following products beef, pork, poultry, fish, cheese, milk and vegetables from Australia, Canada, EU, USA and Norway. In one day more than 250 tons of apples, peaches, pork, tomatoes and cheese were burnt and smashed by tractors. Many of such events will be held in Kaliningrad, Saint-Petersburg, Bryansk, Smolensk, Saratov, Pskov, in Altai Krai and in Rostovskaya and Orenburgskaya oblast. Yet there were no such actions in Omsk the only thing that happened is that Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance informed many departments about actions which can be done according to Presidential decree. The products which were smuggled to Omsk were abolished before however among them never were Norwegian salmon, French cheese or oysters. Compliance monitoring authorities usually confiscate Kazakhstan meet, US chicken leg quarters, Polish apples which have no accompanying documents or do not meet sanitary regulations. And earlier the confiscate products were returned to their regions but now they will be abolished right away. The process of abolition will be recorded from the very beginning up until the end of the process. Usually the transgressors must pay fine the criminal case is arose only if the sum of smuggled products more than a million rubles.

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Mass morning exercises

This Saturday on August 8 in Omsk will be series of events devoted to Day of recreational athlete. At 9 a.m. at the square near the stadium ArenaOmsk the hockey players from junior team will conduct morning exercises. In Sovetskiy park and on Omsk embankment at 10 a.m. the workers from special rapid reaction unit and Special Police Force will conduct not only morning exercises but also will show some special fighting techniques plus at 12:15 the famous Omsk boxer Aleksander Shlemenko will hold a workshop together with other Omsk boxer Aleksei Tishchenko. Also Omsk citizens will have an opportunity to pass some physical tests, run field-and-track cross and many other activities.

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