Siberian breaking news for August 4

Siberian medication will cure Africa /
Tanning bed for cows /
Near Novosibirsk was found the last mammoths’ settlement /
Siberian marathon celebrates its 25th anniversary

Siberian medication will cure Africa

According to Public Health Service of Western Africa has made an examination after which granted a certification of registration antituberculosis drug Perchlozon. This medication will be manufactured in Bratsk, Irkutsk oblast and it’s worth mentioning that Perchlozon is the first medication for the last 40 years which can help to fight with tuberculosis. Such help is really necessary for African citizens because according to World Health Organization Africa is very unfavorable place upon indications of tuberculosis indexes. Every year about 500 thousand people die in Africa from this disease.

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Tanning bed for cows

The specialists from Tomsk medico-ecological center and agricultural college have invented a special tanning bed for cows this new innovation will help to improve cows’ milk and the immune system of the animals. The specialists suggest influencing horned stock by infra-red rays but now this technology will be tested on animals from production-and-training center Kuzovlevo. The specialists will compare the milk before and after influence of infra-red rays and will study the level of fats, proteins and the number of somatic cells (if there are a lot of such cells that will tell about pathological process the garget). Such tanning bad first was invented by the specialists from Novosibirsk however the device turned out to be too expensive and not very convenient to use. But Tomsk specialists managed to modify it and it can irradiate the animals simultaneously during five or seven minutes.

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Near Novosibirsk was found the last mammoths’ settlement

The unique discovery was made by the specialists from Tomsk State University together with student’s group from France, Kazakhstan and Russia in the north of Barabinskaya plain, Novosibirsk oblast. The paleontologists have found a special slab bath where mammoths came in order to bathe and eat special clay which is rich of minerals. At the depth of two meters the specialists found some fragments of mammoths’ bones and above them were some other animals’ bones. The scientists are pretty sure that this place was the last settlement of mammoths in Eurasia here the giants were able to hide during natural disasters. Now the paleontologists will have to study the materials closer and also they hope to get the answers to many questions and the main one – why mammoths died off.

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Siberian marathon celebrates its 25th anniversary

Today is the 25th anniversary of Siberian international marathon which showed industrial Omsk to foreigners. The first Siberian international marathon was on August 4 1990 back than the idea to invite foreign guests to participate in marathon was supported by worldwide organization World runners. The result of the meeting between international organization and Omsk regional executive board was the decree about holding the first Siberian international marathon in Omsk. The participants of first marathon were guests from USA, Canada, England, Holland, Germany, Kenya and Australia. Next years the number of foreign participants became higher and among them were famous people like the mayor of Greenwich John Osteen Walker (Great Britain), the founder of famous New York marathon Fred Le Bow (USA), the president of AIMS Paco Borao (Spain), twice winner of London marathon Hugh Jones (Great Britain), the mayor of Marathonas Spyridon Zagaris (Greece) and others.

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