Siberian breaking news for August 3

Say NO to murder /
Days of Polish cinema in Omsk /
Russia has a big potential for running activities

Say NO to murder 

The sixth international festival of social technologies which are devoted to family values was held in Moscow a few days ago. This is one of the biggest festivals of international Russian-speaking communities which fight against abortions but apart from this they help pregnant women and families with children. This year about 400 participants from 12 different countries took part in the festival. Omsk Philharmonia also took part with their programme called On fragile shoulders which was among 14 best projects and became the winner. The work of Omsk Philharmonia tells the story about woman true calling, abortion problem and about the necessity to be virtuous before marriage and not to make big mistakes in your youth. One of the jury members Grigory Brehman Doctor of Medical Science from Israel appraise highly the programme and recommended to distribute it to special centers of maternity.

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Days of Polish cinema in Omsk

It is already become a tradition to hold days of Polish cinema in Omsk and this year the main work of the festival is the movie of Polish director Krzysztof Zanussi called Foreign body (2014). Krzysztof Zanussi is laureate of Cannes Film Festival and Venice International Film Festival plus he has many international and national awards and he is the author of many documentaries and TV movies. Today on August 3 at 3o’clock the master of Polish movie industry will ran a workshop for Omsk students who study producing in one of Omsk cinema theatres Mayakovskiy and his movie Foreign body Omsk citizens can watch at 7 o’clock at the same movie theatre. By the way Omsk cooperates with three Polish cities Gdansk, Łódź and Lublin.

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Russia has a big potential for running activities 

This Saturday in Omsk was held a special women half marathon which got together about 600 women and it gained an international fame. This women marathon called Flower running was praised by vice-president of Association of International Marathons and Distance Races Martha Morales. “Women running is one of the main direction in AIMS activity. Russia has made a first step to support this world wide movement and I hope that the successful experience of Omsk organizers will be taken by other Russian cities because as I already told it is quite important for our organization”, say Martha Morales in her interview to international press-center MKR-Media. The circular route which was 4 kilometers long went through historical Omsk places and the participants were professional runners and amateur ones. The winner of Flower running became master of sports of international level Marina Kovaleva to leave a mark in history he only needed 12 minutes. Holding MKR-Media gave informational support to the event. 

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