Siberian breaking news for July 29

NASA satellite took pictures of fires in Siberia /
A sole which can charge phones /
There are still grounds for hope

NASA satellite took pictures of fires in Siberia

The day before NASA satellite Aqua and the camera MODIS which is installed on it took pictures of fires in Siberia. With the help of special thermal imaging technology the satellite detected high temperature on the territory near Lake Baikal and sent the information to NASA. Usually the fires in southern part of Russia start on spring or summer but the situation near the lake became worst because of the drought and the level of water is extremely low and it provokes the fires. The MODIS camera can detect emission through 36 spectral bands thanks to it the scientists can see how the temperature on the planet can change. The infrared sensors can detect forest and steppe fires and the information on cameras is updated every two days.

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A sole which can charge phones

The student from Tomsk Polytechnic University invented a very special sole which can warm its owner feet and even charge phone. This invention according to the student’s words can be very useful for tourists, polar explorers and shift workers who work in extreme conditions. The resource efficient sole is charged during walking from person’s energy who wears it plus it reacts on foot pressure and can take away the stress.

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There are still grounds for hope

In Novosibirsk zoo the cat brought up a lynx baby it happened because the real mother abandoned her baby because it was born weaker than others. But now the lynx baby is ok and getting stronger every day. The zoo workers were trying to save the lynx and gave the baby to common cat which recently itself had had kittens. The cat adopted the baby and three months later it became stronger and now it is like twice bigger its foster mother. The baby feels great and soon the zoo workers will inoculate the animal. This isn’t the first time such thing happens in Novosibirsk zoo last year a cat also brought up the babies of yellow-throated marten.

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