Siberian breaking news for July 24

Novosibirsk citizen made a good haul /
A fairy tale might come true /
Slumber party in Krasnoyarsk zoo /
Effective co-operation /
The crucifixion of smartphones

Novosibirsk citizen made a good haul

A man from Novosibirsk caught a golden koi after which he let the fish go back to the pond. The fisherman has published the photos on special website called According to the man’s words he caught the fish at one of ponds located around the city. But the golden koi wasn’t the only one in the haul the man also caught 15 crucians and a few carps. The man didn’t take any of those fish home after all he let the fish back to the pond. The specialists made some conclusions how such fish could get to the pond. The first one is that if this pond located in oxbow than the golden koi could get to the pond through this oxbow from the other pond where the fish are breed. But if the pond is enclosed body of water than probably the fish got here thanks to some people. And the last suggestion that during carrying the eggs some of the fish roe got on birds’ feathers and after got to the other pond but this is very rare occasion said one of the experts from

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A fairy tale might come true

From 25th of July every Omsk citizen will be able to feel himself as a part of famous TV-serial Game of Thrones. Thanks to Omsk local channel REN TV a famous throne from TV-serial will be installed in one of Omsk shopping malls. Such thing has already been done by other cities like Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Saratov, Ulianovsk, Tver, Nizhni Novgorod this is a sort of a marathon which the fans of the serial called Thronoform. This Saturday those who wish to sit on and take pictures near the most famous throne should come to the shopping mall MEGA and there will happen the magic. And on Sunday REN TV will show the fourth season of Games of Thrones.

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Slumber party in Krasnoyarsk zoo

This Saturday, on 25th of July, in Krasnoyarsk zoo called Roev stream will be a very interesting entertainment show. The main theme is slumber party and those people who will come in P.J.’s will be able to enter the zoo for free. The show will start at 6 o’clock with feeding turtles than the visitors will see the feeding of tiger the big chop of meet will be hung under the cage’s roof and the tiger will have to get the meat himself. At 6:30 the visitors will see the feeding of bear he will get the whole barrel of honey. And in the evening the visitors will see the performance of goats in pajamas. Plus during the day the visitors can take part in quest and learn special painting technique Ebru and mehendi.

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Effective co-operation

The exotic animals dune cats are on the edge of extinction according to the information of Russian newspaper Novosibirsk zoo has sent to American Exotic Feline Breeding Compound center four individuals of dune cats among them one male and three females. The residents of deserts dune cats are one of the smallest groups among cat family and their population is getting smaller and smaller. In order to save the number of dune cats Novosibirsk zoo decided to help their American colleagues so for a little while Russian dune cats will be guests in American center. This isn’t the first time of Novosibirsk collaboration with American zoos. In 2001 there was an exchange between the fanciers of dune cats.

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The crucifixion of smartphones

The author of installation made a path out of 440 smartphones which leads to steep. By this installation Evgeny Vertush wanted to show that nowadays the impersonal communication via Internet took the big part of our lives. Evgeny is really worried about that problem so he has decided to draw peoples’ attention to that problem. “Now the smartphones are actually our life, we do everything there, we chat there, live there, phone each other. And I’m really afraid that in the nearest future people will lose the opportunity of simple face-to-face communication that’s why I called my installation The road to nowhere”, says Evgeny Vertush. But to be honest the installation didn’t last long in 24 hours the only things that left were some broken glass from phones and a few nails. But we hope that the author managed to deliver his message to people.

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