Siberian breaking news for July 23

American aborigines descended from Siberians /
Let’s rock it!

American aborigines descended from Siberians 

The ancestors of Indians came to the continent during the last ice age. This discovery was made by the experts from University of California, Berkeley and Copenhagen University who were studying human genome. As a subject of study the scientists took material with memory of people from America, Siberia and Pacific Islands and 23 people who died during the period from 200 thousand up to 6 thousand years ago informed the news agency TASS with reference to Science magazine. In the end the scientists made a conclusion that the first people who came to the continent were from central part of Russia and it happened 23 thousand years ago. The nomads settled in Alaska and later on they examined other lands of North and South America.

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Let’s rock it!

Siberian artist wants to put rock installation at Red Square, Moscow. Vasily Slonov from Krasnoyarsk created new art-conception which called Siberian garden of cotton rocks according to the artist’s idea this installation will remind us about historical memories. The perfect places for such garden can be big squares, shopping malls, offices and etc. On his facebook page vasily has already published some pictures as an example of how this garden would look at Red Square in Moscow. As informed Vasily Slonov right now is looking for sponsors.

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