Siberian breaking news for July 22

Free the innocent /
Laugh! And you will get better /
Omsk sportswoman won gold medal at junior European Championships /
Football Academy in Omsk

Free the innocent

On the 28th of July in Omsk will be held public rally devoted to the protection of the head of sky troops training center Oleg Ponomarev. On the 12th of July in Omsk happened a tragedy when one of the military barracks fell down and 24 soldiers died and Oleg Ponomarev took the responsibility for this accident. However many paratroopers are sure that Oleg Ponomarev is not guilty and they keep saying that this accident happened because of builders’ mistakes.

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Laugh! And you will get better

Omsk children hospitals soon will open their doors for not quite usual visitors and to be exact for clowns. This is the part of the project called Hospital clowns the main idea is that clowns will come to children hospitals and help little patients to get better soon. It is generally known fact that laugh helps people to get well sooner and a few years ago people in Russia started to use laugh as one of many treatments. There are a lot of clowns in many Russian cities and in August they will appear in Omsk children hospitals. As the organizers of the project said a special psycho-pedagogical service Karlson will choose volunteers and will train them and teach how to communicate with children for them to know every detail. The first visit will be in August to Children's Teaching Hospital.

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Omsk sportswoman won gold medal at junior European Championships

Vitalina Bazarashkina at the first day of the championships won two gold medals. The championships took place in Maribor, Slovenia and Alina performed in small caliber handgun exercise the distance of 25 meters. The mentee of Natalia Kudrina showed almost the best result she scored 590 points out of 600 and scored 18 points in the final. In medal-match Omsk sportswoman won over German sportswoman with the result 7:5 and the bronze medal went to France. The second gold medal Vitalina Bazarashkina won in team event the girls together scored 1726 points out of 1800 and left behind Germany and Poland. According to sport news agency our sportswomen have changed the world record.

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Football Academy in Omsk

The new football academy will work as a part of football club Irtysh and is meant for developing junior football system. Plus the academy will get together not only professional but also amateur teams. “We have created this organization in order to train football players under one unite system and on the threshold of FIFA World Cup 2018 which is held in Russia we need to focus on developing our young players financially and organizational sphere”, says the head of The Department of youth Affairs, physical culture and sports Michael Rasin. For the last few years Omsk football school has shown quite good results for example two junior football teams Irtysh-1996 and Irtysh-1994 became champions in their age categories.

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