Siberian breaking news for July 21

There will be no losers /
You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed /
Russian-Kyrgyz team will cross Bosphorus

There will be no losers

In August Omsk celebrates its birthday so one of the many events of this day will be Flower marathon where only woman will take part. Flower marathon is not actually a competition it is more of a reason to meet with your girlfriends, have a chat and spend time together. The organizers promised that all participants will get not only good impressions but also good presents. Everybody will get a sport knapsack, wristlet and protecting sun hood also every participant have her own bib number with special time-keeping which will fix personal result at the finish line. During the marathon women will be able to drink some refreshments plus they can take pictures which will remind them about this event. The winners will get some special presents but those who will come to the finish line last won’t go home without presents each woman will get firm bracelet and of course a bouquet of flowers.

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You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed

In Krasnoyarsk Krai people erected a memorial which is devoted to dogs which were abandoned by their masters. The memorial was erected in Sosnovoborsk city right before its birthday and it consists of a lying dog which is very sad and lonely and at the bottom is carved famous quotation from fairy tale The Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The dog has no name yet but at the website was launched an open vote where people can choose a name for the dog and right now on the first place is name Loyal.

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Russian-Kyrgyz team will cross Bosphorus

The representative of International Corporation of Development the executive secretary of Russian-Kyrgyz Business Council Daniyar Akkaziev will take part 27th Bosphorus Cross-Continental marathon. Daniyar is getting ready to cross Bosphorus together with his friends from Moscow and Bishkek. The Russian-Kyrgyz team wants to dedicate this race to the fact that the Kyrgyz Republic entered Eurasian Economic Union. Right after the race Daniyar Akkaziev will share his impressions in the interview to the TV presenter Zhanna Tolstikova who has her own TV show called Green corridor on Prodvizhenie channel. The 27th Bosphorus Cross-Continental marathon is held in Istanbul, Turkey on 26th of July. The start will be in Asia near Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and after 4,04 miles the team will cross the finish line in Europe right in front of Bosphorus Bridge. This year two thousand people from 45 countries will take part in the marathon it all starts at 10 o’clock local time. Bosphorus Cross-Continental marathon will have a slogan Sport for everybody with the support of Turkey National Olympic Committee.

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