Siberian breaking news for July 17

Novosibirsk zoo is one of the best in the world /
The more - the better /
Nothing can stop us /
Chupakabra kills barn animals in Altai

Novosibirsk zoo is one of the best in the world

The zoo got into top 20 which was made by the experts from website about travelling called TripAdvisor. The website has announced its prize-winners of Travelers' Choice and the nominations were Best zoo, Best oceanarium, Best amusement park and Best aqua park. The Novosibirsk zoo didn’t get on top of the list but it got on 18th position of the world’s list. Among European zoos the Novosibirsk one got on the 9th position. “We are very happy that the international website TripAdvisor put us in the top 20 of best zoos. The Novosibirsk zoo is a unique zoo and it is one of the biggest zoos in Russia it has over 10 thousand individuals and 756 different types of animals. Over 350 of animals are in International Red Book, Russian Red Book and Novosibirsk Red Book. It is a very good thing when person can unite with nature we welcome visitors and always happy to see them”, says the director of the Novosibirsk zoo.

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The more - the better

A 44-year old woman from Omsk has just given birth to her 12th child and she set a new record in first half-year. Omsk registry office gave an official data about an increasing number of Omsk large families. For the first half-year 13 910 children were born in Omsk 1 198 of them are third or following child and in one family the 12th child was born. “The new record was set by a 44-year old woman who gave a birth to her 12th child and earlier we registered a families with 14 and 15 children but for the last 3 years it is a new record”, says the head of Omsk register office Olga Parfenova.

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Nothing can stop us

Today at a penal colony No. 12 for the first time was held wedding ceremony the couple of Tatyana and Ivan Makarovy after living 9 months apart from each other (Ivan Makarov is now in penal colony because he accused of selling drugs) they decided to make their marriage even stronger by doing this ceremony. The couple got married in 2009 and now they have a four-year old daughter and they made a decision to do the wedding ceremony long time ago but the circumstances have changed and Ivan got arrested but that wasn’t a big trouble for the lovers. Every three months the couple can get a three day long date and if the prisoner behaves well they can get an additional dates like 12 times a year. Ivan doesn’t have plans for further life yet but says that he needs to earn money and keep the family plus he and his wife want to have more children. According to the head of the penal colony No.12 Vitaly Rohmistrov the prisoners have an opportunity to get acquainted with girls by mail and keep in touch with them further on and probably to form family in future.

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Chupakabra kills barn animals in Altai

The citizens of Talmanskiy district of Altai Kray are in panic they keep saying that some kind of mysterious animal has been killing their barn animals. One of the citizens Galina Sushkova said that this animal torn apart 25 of her chickens. People from other villages also believe that this is true story because somebody did the same with their pigs and lambs. The administration of Altai Kray sent some specialist to the village and they came to a conclusion that there is no such animal like chupakabra they think that it is common homeless dogs but the locals don’t want to believe it and pretty sure that it is chupakabra. No one knows how the mysterious animal looks like and locals not only refuse to hunt it but also afraid to take pictures of it. By the way people from other Siberian regions also believe in chupakabra but there is still no evidence of the animal. Last year people from Odesskiy district which is in Omsk were pretty sure that chupakabra dwelled on their territory. Most people say that the animal is very fast, strong and can jump very high and that it killed rabbits but as it was found out later the rabbits were killed by raccoon dog.

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