Siberian breaking news for July 14

Tomsk Polytechnic University recruited a robot /
Inception /
The citizens from Irkutsk oblast have found the remains of ancient mollusc

Tomsk Polytechnic University recruited a robot 

A new roboworker was created by post-graduates of university in order to help people in selection committee. The main responsibility of the robot is to help enrollees when they come to university. First, this robot was created as professor and thanks to such professors the lessons of mathematics, physics, chemistry and informatics became more interesting. With the help of the robot you can help pupils to find out more interesting things and practice more. But the thing is that such robots are not produce for mass consumption but the authors hope to get a grant in order to start the mass production.

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Ten volunteers from Novosibirsk agreed to test a special device which is made to create dreams. The device Luciding was created by Novosibirsk specialists thanks to current pulses the device controls human brain and person understands that he or she is dreaming. So according to the authors this device can control human’s dreams. As informed the authors are ready to launch mass production of the device in Russia and in other countries. The approximate price of the device will be 200-300 dollars and as it is already known there are some existing devices which can control dreams like DreamStalker, NovaDreamer, Remee, Aurora and others.

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The citizens from Irkutsk oblast have found the remains of ancient mollusc

The specialists stated that the age of the mollusc is 450 million years and the remains were found by the citizens from village Krivaya luka during earth-work. The remains were sent to Tomsk for further examinations where the specialists proved the authenticity of the mollusc. After that the discovery was given to Irkuts museum of local history which has the biggest palaeontological collection in the region. The found mollusc was the forefather of octopus and nautilus. Orthoceras had a big shell where it could hide in case of a danger on the head they had tentacle for finding food.

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