Siberian breaking news for July 7

The message down the ages /
Hollywood in Omsk /
New discoveries from Bronze Age

The message down the ages

There has been made a decision to preserve letters of soldiers from WWII for future generations. The metal containers will be kept in one of the clefts of Altai glacier called Big Aktru. In order to get containers to their place the mountain-climbers had to cover very dangerous route. “Here at this glacier we can see yellow spots of snow we call them snow bridges and they are very dangerous if you push or step on it you can fall down at a depth of 100 meters. That’s why we move carefully and if we see those bridges we stay away from them”, says the head of expedition Aleksey Urov. When the mountain-clumbers reach their destination they organize the system of fast descent and raise and they made a decision to put the containers at a depth of 40 meters because it is very risky to go deeper. According to in a week the walls of the glacier will close up but the containers with letters won’t be damaged. The specialists say that letters will be kept there for 200 years and after they will be brought out to the surface.

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Hollywood in Omsk

Omsk philharmonic orchestra under the conduction of Dmitry Vasiliev will devote one music evening to soundtracks from foreign block-busters. Nino Rota, Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Ennio Morricone the works of these and many others famous composers Omsk citizens will listen on July 16 in Philharmonic concert hall. Mostly all soundtracks are from movies which won Oscar or were nominees of this award. There will be soundtracks from Lord of the ring, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Gladiator, Forrest Gump, James Bond, Munich overall it is 18 movies. The soundtracks are one of the main parts of the movie thanks to them the audience can feel the atmosphere and emotions of main characters. Without music all action would have been boring and dull. So those who are interested in this you are welcomed to come and listed this on July 16 at 7 p.m.

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New discoveries from Bronze Age

The scientists who are working on the territory of the monument of cultural and archaeological heritage called Stoyanka Omskaya have announced the first results of summer digging. At the end of May new archeological season began and during this time the scientists have found over 200 artifacts among which are the perfectly preserved bronze knife with sharp and firm blade, the big collection of pieces of homemade pottery, arrow-heads, animals’ bones and many others. “We have already found a lot of artifacts of krotovskaya and alakulskaya cultures. The last one connected with Indo-Iranians who during Bronze Age lived on the territory of western Siberia, Kazakhstan and southern Ural. The new archeological season proves that Stoyanka Omskaya was sort of Babylon where for thousands years lived different tribes who spoke different languages and had their own traditions and cultures”, says the advisor of the general director of Omsk radio plant named after A.S. Popov Boris Konikov.

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