Siberian breaking news for July 1

Flash mob in honor of genius /
Krasnoyarsk preserve will get the status of national park /
Reindeers will help to cure the diabetes

Flash mob in honor of genius 

Ivan Akulinichev was born in Omsk and he was a very notable man. Unfortunately not many people know that Ivan Akulinichev took part in process of sending man to space. When he lived in Omsk at first he worked as a fitter but then he reached a high position of a member of The International Academy of Astronautics. The numbers of his titles are very impressive he was Doctor of Medical Science, one of the founders of space medicine, the inventor of vectorcardioscope and oscilloscope, professor, Honored Scientist and Technician of Russia, the chevalier of gold medal of Christopher Columbus and many others. During the process of sending man to space Ivan Akulinichev had invented the on-board equipment Vega-A which controlled the health state of the astronauts and collected scientific information. Also as a doctor he examined Yuri Gagarin and his understudy German Titov right before their trip to space. By the way Omsk museum has a shaver with autographs of these famous people and it happened thanks to Ivan Akulinichev. As it was already mentioned very few people know this famous person and young generation unfortunately know nothing at all probably because there are no monuments devoted to Ivan Akulinichev in Omsk. However some volunteers are going to remind Omsk citizen about their famous fellow countryman. On July 2 at 7 o’clock people are going to meet near the Omsk State Medicine Academy which is on Lenina Street and will take a picture against Medicine Academy with a portrait of famous doctor. The organizers hope that maybe this will help to find out more about Ivan Akulinichev.

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Krasnoyarsk preserve will get the status of national park

As it is expected the preserve will change its format until 2016 and according to the deputy director of the preserve Anastasia Knorre owing to a new status there are going to be some changes in zonation. One part of the preserve will be turned into touristic zone such as mountains Bariery or Otkliknye. By the way taking into consideration the coming changes the entrance to the preserve still will be free. However some assignments will be taken from Krasnoyarsk Krai budget. Every year a few thousand tourists visit the Krasnoyarsk preserve.

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Reindeers will help to cure the diabetes

Tomsk scientists propose to cure the diabetes with special medicine made from reindeers’ horns. The medicine is still under some testing and its mass production is planned next year. Tomsk company Biolit together with National deer farm Taba from Yakutia are trying to create new medicine which will help to cure the diabetes type 1 and 2. The medicine will be produced in two types the first one is pills for internal use and the second one is ointment for outward application. “There is the difference between reindeers and Altai deers the first ones have less hormones but more insulinlike growth factor. This factor influences adrenal and stops the diabetes growth”, explain the inventors of the medicine. It is worth mentioning that the medicine will be sold not only in Russia but also in Asian countries.

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