Siberian breaking news for June 30

Space is under control /
Ancient history in amber /
Canada and Australia said yes to Altai buckwheat /
The most beautiful marathon you have ever seen

Space is under control

A new outer space control complex was built in Siberia and it is the first complex out of many others which will be built throughout Russia. At the moment the complex is under state testing and as RIA News informed by 2018 there is going to be 10 more control complexes. In Moscow, Kaliningrad oblast and in the Primorsky Kray have already been launched some construction works. The main aim of such complexes is to provide the specialists with all necessary information about space and warn them in case there will be some dangers plus they will guarantee safe work of Russian space vehicle.

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Ancient history in amber

For the first time Omsk citizens have an opportunity to see rare samples of the Paleogene period which is valuable not only for scientists but also for jewelers. Tomorrow in Omsk local history museum opens the exhibition called Prehistoric insects in amber the exposition consists of unique amber samples inside of which are small animals, insects and pieces of plants which otherwise called inclusov. All living things which are trapped inside amber stay there without any changes for millions of years and this allows scientists to study carefully the Paleogene period. To see the rare exhibits Omsk citizens can until September 13.

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Canada and Australia said yes to Altai buckwheat

The cereals and flakes from Altai have already reached the shelves of many shops in Toronto and Melbourne. According to Altai grain mill has expanded the sales geography and now its cereals and flakes are sold not only in Siberia but also in Canada and Australia. Now citizens from Toronto and Melbourne can buy buckwheat, millet, semolina, flakes Hercules and others cereals of trade mark Altaiskaya skazka and Altalia. By the way in comparison with last year the output of cereals and flakes in region has grown by 30,8%. It was possible thanks to constant modernization of the enterprise, the expansion of the product range and number of finished goods.

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The most beautiful marathon you have ever seen

Soon in Omsk will be the marathon in which only women will take part and it is going to be the first such event which is held in our country. Omsk city managed to outrun the capital where the same marathon was planned but the day after. As the ambassador of World association of marathons AIMS in Russia and CIS countries Irina Chernoblavskaya said in her today interview to MKR-Media earlier such events weren’t taken very seriously but now people started to pay more attention to them. The women marathons become more popular and women are willing to take part in it thus the numbers of women running clubs are increasing and this may lead to the participation of women in classical marathons. The organizers gave a very interesting name to the marathon - it is called Flower marathon and there are a few reasons for it. First, women are always compared to flowers; second, the marathon is held at the same day with flower exhibition and third, each woman will get a bouquet of flowers when she reaches the finish line. Women have to cover the distance of 4 kilometers and it will be on 1st of August at 11 o’clock.

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