Siberian breaking news for June 29

The scientists from Tomsk invented a substitute for human bones /
Siberian scientists predicted the ecocatastrophe /
Grandmothers are top models

The scientists from Tomsk invented a substitute for human bones 

The main thing is that human organism doesn’t reject the biomaterials which gradually dissolve and leave organism naturally. Unlike the other materials this new biomaterial is made from hydroxyapatite and biodegradable polymer which aren’t harmful for human organism and lately it dissolves and leaves organism naturally. At the moment the specialists from Tomsk are planning to apply for a patent in order to reserve the right for their new invention.

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Siberian scientists predicted the ecocatastrophe

Tomsk scientists together with their colleagues from USA, Sweden, Netherlands, England and some other countries studied how the submarine permafrost influences climate and concluded that Earth are in danger. The research took place in Laptev Sea and the Arctic Ocean at the depth of 60-100 meters the specialists found huge emissions of methane. “There the submarine permafrost has been in contact with natural warm waters approximately for 9 or 10 thousand years and that’s enough for it to melt. In general during our expedition we detected about 500 anomalous fields of methane emission”, says one of the scientists Igor Semiletov. Thus if the methane gets to the atmosphere it will have a bad influence for climate. The scientists have four probable ways of scenario and the harsh one is ecocatastrophe when 5% of ice gases will get to the atmosphere and that will be no good. And if this scenario comes true will be necessary 70 trillion dollars to solve the problem. “This is the world budget of all economies. But climate is climate it has no national borders and everyone will suffer”, says one of the Russian scientists.

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Grandmothers are top models 

Famous Omsk photographer Igor Gavar today presented his own exhibition which opens on July 3 in Omsk museum named after M.A. Vrubel. This photo projects promises to be sort of a guide in style of modern old people. The general partner of the project is MKR-Media. Igor Gavar gets inspiration from his grandmother Lidiya Ivanovna she was the one who told him all about fashion. All her life she has worked at knitting factory and all her life she has been in fashion and now with a big pleasure she poses in front of her grandson’s camera. The project has been existing for four years and there the photographer managed to reflect four years of people’s life who took part in it. The visitors will be able to see over 50 heroes of the project and also there will be special installation which is devoted to the image of grandmother from village but of course the images of urban grandmothers won’t be left behind. As it was already mentioned the exhibition takes place in Omsk museum named after M.A. Vrubel from July 3 up to July 26, 2015.
Note: The project called Oldushka and it is devoted to Russian old people and it was started by Omsk photographer Igor Gavar in 2011 and now it has more than 900 street style photos of old people from six different cities like Moscow, saint-Petersburg, Omsk, Izhevsk, Perm and Ulianovsk. The project has received several grants from charity funds like Unhate of United Colors of Benetton (Italy) and the international fund The Awesome Fondation (Moscow) also it got the Grand-Prix on the festival of social advertising in Omsk. A lot of mass media told about this project among which are The First Cannel, Russia Today, Major Journal, The New Times and the social network Instagram.

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