Siberian breaking news for June 24

In Kemerovo will be specially made beaches for disabled /
Alexander Shlemenko has lost the stimulant case /
Frenchman in Siberia /
Sixteen people died today in a terrible road accident

In Kemerovo will be specially made beaches for disabled 

Earlier there were no such places for people with disabilities but now they will have an opportunity to visit specially made beaches. The decision was taken by the governor of Kemerovskaya oblast Aman Tuleev. The recreational area will be on the territory of the oldest park called Zenkovskiy. So there will be all necessary things for disabled people like special paths, parking areas and also there will be the service of social taxi. According to the governor Aman Tuleev such beaches will not only be in Prokopievka village but also in other cities and districts of Kuzbass.

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Alexander Shlemenko has lost the stimulant case

The manager of Alexander stated that the decision of the Athletic committee of California will be appealed to a court. The scandal with the participation of Alexander Shlemenko arose after the fight with Dutch boxer Melvin Manhoef right before the fight Alexander went through some tests which showed the presence of some forbidden elements. The boxer himself told that he had never taken any of the forbidden stimulants and he is sure that all of it is cooked-up charges. During the session of the Athletic committee the lawyer of Alexander couldn’t persuade the members that his client is innocent. As a result the committee decided to bar Alexander from fights for three years and plus the boxer has to pay 10 thousand dollar fine but that’s not all plus the result of the fight with Melvin Manhoef is annulled. But the manager of Alexander Shlemenko said that it is not the end they are determined to fight for the good name of the boxer and are planning to prove that there was not his fault. “We are very disappointed by the result and they didn’t let us tell our version of this story. We have prepared a lot of materials but they just simply weren’t examined. That’s why we are going to court in order to prove the Alexander is not guilty”, says the manager Aleksey Zhernakov. As for the boxer himself he was unavailable and as the experts of the portal say Alexander can’t have any fights only in California but most likely Bellator won’t let Alexander to participate in any tournaments until he has a contract with the second biggest MMA promotion.

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Frenchman in Siberia

The foreigner is looking for a job in Novosibirsk because he has a girlfriend and friends there. The citizen of France Toni Kvinchon is looking forward to move to Siberia and in order to find a job he asked for help Moscow recruiting firm. As it turned out the young man is dreaming to work in Siberia but earlier he worked as a body guard of two emirs from Dubai during their staying in Paris also he ensured safety of jewelry company Van Cleef during the gala-show in The royal Château de Chambord, serve in military infantry and can pilot helicopter. According to Toni’s words his girlfriend is waiting for him and plus he likes the city. “I really want to move to Novosibirsk not only because I have a girlfriend whom I love and good friends there but also I like the city I feel very comfortable there much better than in France. And I’m very determined and waiting for interesting offers and ready to become a Siberian guy”, says Toni in his interview to one of the news agencies.

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Sixteen people died today in a terrible road accident

The accident happened on the 21st kilometer at the road Omsk - Nizhnaya Omka. The bus with 22 workers from poultry factory and Kama Automobile Works loaded with bricks crashed into each other. According to the information given sixteen people have died and nine others are in hospital with serious injuries. There were 22 workers inside the bus and two people inside the Kama Automobile Works. Tomorrow there will be a day of mourning and also there will be a meeting of representatives of all departments. The members of the meeting will decide how to help the injured people. At the moment the specialists are working at the place of the accident. According to preliminary data the bus driver crossed into the oncoming lane and faded probably because of the today’s heat it was about 91,4 °F above zero.

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