Siberian breaking news for June 23

Omsk conductor will be the head of Berlin philharmonic orchestra /
The polar lights appeal to the eye of Omsk citizens /
The Symphony of games

Omsk conductor will be the head of Berlin philharmonic orchestra

The contract of Sir Simon Rattle will expire in three years and after that his place will be taken by the conductor from Omsk Kirill Petrenko. Kirill Petrenko is going to be the new head of Berlin philharmonic orchestra his candidature was chosen in Germany but only with the second try because earlier the musicians couldn’t decide whom to choose. The Omsk conductor has already worked in The Vienna Volksoper which is the major opera house in Vienna, Austria also in Meiningen theatre, Germany and The Komische Oper, Berlin. Recently Kirill Petrenko has been working as a music director in The Bavarian State Opera and his contract expires in 2018 after that Kirill will start the work in Berlin philharmonic orchestra. "I do realize what kind of responsibility I have and I know that the expectations are so high but I will do my best to be the perfect conductor for this orchestra", says Kirill Petrenko in his interview to BBC News.

Note: Kirill Petrenko was born in Omsk and in 1990 he moved with his family to Austria. He studied at Vorarlberg conservatorium and after at Viennese musical school. In 1998 Kirill was appointed as a bandmaster in The Vienna Volksoper. In 1999-2000 Kirill was a music director of The Meiningen Court Theatre and then the chief conductor in The Komische Oper. Since 2013 Kirill Petrenko is a music director of The Bavarian State Opera and also in 2013 he became a conductor of The Bayreuth Festival.

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The polar lights appeal to the eye of Omsk citizens

In 2015 people could see this very rare but very beautiful astronomical phenomenon in the beginning of spring. The luminescence of the upper atmosphere which was witnessed by people from a few Russian cities (especially it was perfectly seen in Omsk, Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk) was evoked by some Sun bursts. Also this energy perturbation was the reason of a strong electromagnetic storm (class G3). Last night a lot of photos with the polar lights appeared in social networks because many people had a chance to see it plus the sky was so clear that it wasn’t actually a big problem to see. Many of people said that they were amazed by the beauty of the phenomenon.

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The Symphony of games 

The Japanese conductor Kenichi Shimura will perform his programme which consists mainly of soundtracks from computer games. Omsk academic symphony orchestra conducted by Kenichi Shimura will perform music from famous computer games like Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon; Dragon quest, The Mana series and others. "In comparison with classical music the game genre is quite young it is only 20 or 30 years old. But the music from computer games is also beautiful and it is pity if it stays only in games. And I would like more people to hear it because when the music is inside the compute it is limited but when you perform it with an orchestra it is totally different thing and you can see or hear other sides of it. Or sometimes it can be vice versa I mean what you can do in the game not always possible to play with an orchestra", says Kenichi Shimura in his interview to News Omsk. But that won’t be all the audience will also be able to see the performance of Novosibirsk singer Evgeniya Daviduke (by the way the girl is the only Russian who works as a Seiyu in Japan, it means that she gives her voice to anime characters) who will perform voice parts from Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Time Traveler, Final Fantasy IX.

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