Omsk breaking news for June 17

Sky geometry /
Omsk will have specially guarded dumps /
Omsk sportsmen Sofia Skomoroh is a champion of First European games

Sky geometry

In the night from June 20 to June 21 Omsk citizens will be able to see the cosmic figure made up by three planets the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. We were informed about this phenomenon by the head of Omsk planetarium Vladimir Krupko and according to his words the three planets will take up a special position which will form almost equilateral triangle. To see this phenomenon will be very easy because it is formed by three brightest planets. If the weather is good and the sky is clear people can even take photos of it. Vladimir Krupko also told that next month Omsk citizens should look at the sky one more time because on first of July Venus and Jupiter will be so close to each other that to see this one more time will be possible only in many years.

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Omsk will have specially guarded dumps

Each illegal dump in Omsk will have its own guard this person will be on duty and prevent people from dropping litter at those places and if someone breaks the rules the guards will have a right to punish them. Starting from today in Leninsky district will be organized specially guarded dumps but the guards won’t be there the whole day they will be on duty only in the evenings and on weekends. Plus to help the guards to detain breakers video cameras will be installed and people who violated the rules will get fine in amount of 100 thousand rubles.

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Omsk sportsmen Sofia Skomoroh is a champion of First European games

Russian gymnasts won gold medals in Baku. Today our Russain gymnasts Daria Klescheva, Anastasia Maksimova, Maria Tolkacheva, Anastasia Tatareva, Diana Borisova and Sofia Skomoroh after their performances with the result of 18 points overrun other teams from Spain and Israel who got 17,350 points. Our Russian sportsmen were so close to the first place and the only thing they had to do was not to make any mistakes and they managed to do it very successfully. According to the results of two performances 35,300 points Russian gymnasts took first place, the second place went to gymnasts from Israel and the third one to Belorussia. And in total result of the competition our Russian team is on one of the leaders.

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