Omsk breaking news for June 15

Night runners /
Another visa free regime for Russians /
In search of magic sock

Night runners

Soon there will be a new competition in Omsk which is planned to be one of the main one in our city. The competition called Night running supposed to start in 2014 however this project was put off for an unknown period of time. Recently it has been found out that the competition will start but still we have to wait for some more. “On June 25, 2016 in honor of 300th anniversary of Omsk there will be a new running which won’t be only one time event but will be held each year”, say the organizers of the running. So the running itself will be in the evening or even at night and the route will go along Tuhachevskogo square but there are some possible changes in the route. If everything goes well than the running will be on last Saturday of June.

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Another visa free regime for Russians

The President of Indonesia has signed a new decree which allows citizens from 30 countries including Russia to be in Indonesia for 30 days without visa. Indonesia made visa free regime for 30 countries in order to improve their international relations and among these countries are USA, China, Japan, Korea, Poland, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Russian and others. Now the citizens of named countries will be able to get temporary residence permit for 30 days which cannot be extended or changed. From July 1 to the list of visa free countries will be added 13 more and according to forward estimate that will raise the level of tourists by 5%. Earlier to get visa to Indonesia one had to pay 35 dollars.

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In search of magic sock

Puppet theatre from Krasnoyarsk came to Omsk with their own programme and from 15 of June Omsk citizens will be able to see their shows. The most popular show of Krasnoyarsk theatre is My magic sock and others. In turn Omsk puppet theatre will perform for Krasnoyarsk children some shows like The fairy tale about silly mouse, Little prince and some others. It is already a tradition for theatres to go on exchange tours.

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