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Historic puzzle /
Let's talk about literature

Omsk Walk of Fame

Soon Omsk will have its own Walk of Fame which will be situated in the hall of Slava cinema which is in Millenium shopping mall. On Russia Day, June 12, in the hall of Slava cinema will be the official opening of walk of fame. On that day the first name which will appear there will be the name of famous Russian actress Lyubov Polishchuk who was born and started her career in Omsk. "Summarizing the results of audience voting which lasted two months Lyubov Polishchuk was chosen as the first actress who appears on Walk of Fame. It was really hard to decide and others were worthy candidates but with the majority of votes Lyubov Polishchuk took the first place", say the administration of Slava cinema. The official opening is at 6 o'clock and there will be a buffet dinner and photo session. And as it was said probably mother of Lyubov Polishchuk Olga Prokofieva will visit this event.

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Historic puzzle

Teams from more than twenty Russian cities will take part in the quest called 1418. Each team (consists of five people) will receive ten tasks via Internet and all of them connected with important milestones in the history of The Great Patriotic War. To solve the puzzles all teams have to cover an online route. The quest will start on June 22 in each city according to local time and it will end after five hours. According to the results of the quest there will be chosen regional leaders which will compete in the final. The last stage of the quest will have an escape-room format the participants will have to escape the room by solving different puzzles. The team which will do it the first will be called nationwide winner. All the information about the quest and how to apply you can find in the group intervalfor1418 in one of the social networks Vkontakte. The main aim of the quest is to remind the young generation about main events of The Great Patriotic War. A lot of attention was paid to symbolism - 1418 days is how long the war lasted. All the questions will be limited also by this symbolic number 1418 seconds (which is 23 minutes and 38 seconds) and the quest itself will last 1418 minutes which will take a full day.

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Let's talk about literature

Tomorrow in one of Omsk parks named 30 years of VLKSM will be opened a literature pavilion. The authors of this idea are members from the council of young librarians and the money for openning this summer library was taken from the municipal grant in amount of 150 thousand rubles. "We hope that the literature pavilion will not only be the place where people can have rest but also the present to the 300th anniversary of our city", says the head of Municipal Omsk library Natalia Chernyavskaya. The pavilion will work every day except Monday from 12 to 8 o'clock. Omsk citizens will have an opportunity to read books and different magazines in the open air and also exchange books with each other. each week the organizers will entertain the visitors of different age with games, quests, quizes and many other interesting things. Furthermore there will be mobile stands near the pavilion with the help of which people will be able to download electronic versions of books by entering special QR-code.

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