Omsk breaking news for June 5

Best Omsk volunteer will visit Athenian marathon /
Omsk citizens will celebrate Russia Day by dancing /
Valentina Matvienko called Omsk radio manufacturing plant the bread-winner

Best Omsk volunteer will visit Athenian marathon

The owner of the tour to Greece will be announced in September. The organizers of the competition are the directors of NP Marathon and Omsk volunteer centre called Dacha Onegina. If you are honest, independent, responsible, initiative, friendly, have teamwork skills and can create the atmosphere of sporting event than definitely you need to take part in it. There is also an indispensable condition all the applicants must work at least at four running competitions, become a team leader once and also become the best volunteer. As it was mentioned above the results will be announced in autumn after the 26th Siberian International marathon. The best volunteer will go to Greece to participate in famous Athenian marathon. The tour has its own programme like the participation in gala evening of Association of international marathons and distance races, visiting marathon's village and the museum of Olympic marathons and many other interesting things.

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Omsk citizens will celebrate Russia Day by dancing

On 12th of June our country will celebrate Russia Day and this time Omsk will turn into dancing city. In the park near Concert Hall there will be several platforms where many different dancing styles will be performed. Many dancing groups will come together to celebrate this event like dance theatre nOga, School of modern jazz-dance, dance project Malina, Omsk State Children company, Contemporary Dance Studio Antre and gymnasts from Training center of Olympic reserve in modern rhythmic gymnastics. In the evening instead of traditional choreography will be dances from the 60's, ballroom dances and hustle. Altogether it is going to be 80 dancing groups and over 1000 performers.

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Valentina Matvienko called Omsk radio manufacturing plant the bread-winner

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has visited Omsk radio manufacturing plant named after A.S. Popov which carries out the government's defence order. Valentina matvienko came to Omsk in order to take part in I Forum of social innovation and later on she was invited by the personnel of Omsk radio manifacturing plant to see it. Valentina Matvienko was given the full excursion around the plant and also she met the people who work there. After that Valentina Matvienko said that Omsk plant is one of the foolproof enterpeises which is able to provide its workers with good salary. Valentina Matvienko also informed that on the basis of the radio manufacturing plant the offsite meeting of the expert board can be held under the chairman of Federation Council of legislative support of the military-industrial complex and military-technical cooperation. This initiative belongs to the head of Omsk radio manufacturing plant Ivan Polyakov who is also the member of the above mentioned council. It's worth mentioning that 90% of its production the plant manufactures within the limits of the government's defence order. The annual volume of output is 10 billion rubles and after re-equipment this index may grow four times. Over 3000 people are working at Omsk radio manufacturing plant.

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