Omsk breaking news for June 3

An increadible adventure of a sportsman /
Omsk will have a new street /
Omsk plant is ready to set a new record

An increadible adventure of a sportsman

59-year old man from St. Petersburg Sergey Lukyanov is planning to go round the world and go 32 000 kilometers. His extreme voyage Sergey has started on 1st of April at Palace Square in St. Petersburg his voyage he decided to devote to the siege of Leningrad and 70th anniversary of Great Victory. Sergey told that each day he will walk 50-60 kilometers and usually he takes with him very few things like jacket, sleeping-bag, personal hygiene products and some other necessary things. According to the route the man will cover the territory of Russia and will go through Kazakhstan about 7 thousand kilometers. After he will go to China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. In all Sergey will visit 25 countries (three times he will have to fly from Asia to Australia, from Australia to South America and from South America to Africa). Some time ago sergey has visited Petropavlovsk (by that moment he had already walked more than three thousand kilometers) and now the traveller is going to Omsk. In our city Sergey will be on 5th of June and everyone can meet Sergey at 5 o'clock at Cathedral Square. The end of Sergey's voyage will be on 1st of April 2017.

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Omsk will have a new street

There will be a new street named after those people who help to eliminate the accedent at Chernobyl nuclear facility. In April 2016 there is going to be a 30th anniversary of this accident so because of that was made a decision to name one of Omsk street after those heroes. And the mayor of Omsk Vyacheslav Dvorakovskiy has already approved this idea. But the street itself hasn't been chosen yet it will be done later but fir sure it will be one of the streets from Sovetskiy district. Now there are over 1400 people in Omsk who helped to eliminate this accident.

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Omsk plant is ready to set a new record

Omsk plant Polet is ready to produce one hundred carrier rockets Angara per year. Dmitry Rogozin who is the deputy of the head of Russian government has inspected Omsk plant and it was decided to give 20 billion rubles for retooling after that Omsk plant will manufacture all the details for carrier rockets Angara and also to test the rockets. In future Angara suppose to replace more expensive rocket Proton. According to Dmitry Rogozin the final decision hasn't yet been taken where will be placed batch manufacturing of Angara. However Omsk is better than Moscow because Omsk is closer to cosmodrome Vostochny in Amurskaya oblast from which Angara will be launched.

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