Omsk breaking news for May 29

Run for the sake of children /
The main Omsk historic monument welcomes visitors /
Vladimir Sobotka stays in Avangard

Run for the sake of children

There will be a charity race in Omsk and all the money from this event will be used to help children with Down's syndrome. This project has been held in Russian for a few times already and as before Omsk agreed to take part in it. On the 24th of May the race was in Moscow and on 30th of May it will be in the capital of our region and other cities like Nizhni Novgorod, Ufa, Kirov, Volgograd, Ekaterinburg and Samara. The race includes team relay, individual race three or four kilometers long for adults and for children there are going to be small distance which are fifty meters long. Furthermore it is going to be a FunRun race where people will be dressed as a heroes from different fairy tales. At the end everyone will get prizes and awards. To apply for the charity race you need to pay 200 rubles and all collected money will be donated to help children with Down’s syndrome.

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The main Omsk historic monument welcomes visitors

The new guided tour has begun on the territory of the main Omsk monument of cultural and historic heritage which will last until the end of autumn. Mostly excursions will be for pupils and students from high school and for regional educative institutions. They will have an opportunity to see archeological dig 40-meter long and three-meter in depth where the main search is and also numerous artefacts. According to the words of Adviser to Director General Boris Konikov this excursions are very important for students because they can feel their connection with the history of our region. The guided tour will end on 31st of October.

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Vladimir Sobotka stays in Avangard

The possibility that Czech will get back to NHL was quite high and Avangard directory managed to persuade the forward to continue his career in Omsk team. The day before there was a meeting of Avangard president Vladimir Shalaev and Vladimir Sobotka where they solved the most important problem and Avangard forward Vladimir Sobotka agreed to stay for the next season. Vladimir Sobotka played 57 matches with Avangard where he scored 40 points (11+29) with the utility indicator +13.

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