Omsk breaking news for May 22

Mosquitoes attack /
Omsk citizens will throw their weight behind bees /
Omsk has a chance to become one of the Eurasian Economic Union centers

Mosquitoes attack

The reason why the number of mosquitoes is so high is because of the big amount of melt-water on the Omsk region territory. This summer Omsk citizen need to buy as much different ointments and sprays as possible in order to protect themselves from mosquitoes because it’s going to be a lot of them. As a professor from Omsk State Polytechnical University Igor Bogdanov said the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in low places which can be filled with melt-water. During the flood there are a lot of short-term ponds and as we all know we had a very warm spring so the ponds were dried out by the sun and mosquitoes’ eggs turned into wiggle-tails. We already can see a lot of the parasites on the streets but the pinnacle will be on June and July. And people need to be very careful because mosquitoes are the transmitters of dangerous diseases like malaria and tularemia. And meanwhile Omsk citizens are complaining about mosquitoes and even write in social networks that they not only bite but even browse you.

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Omsk citizens will throw their weight behind bees

People from Omsk will take part in international ecological project which devoted to protection of bees. So on May 23 Omsk will join the project which is appealed to protect bees because right now the number of bees is decreasing. The project was organized by the worldwide fund which protects bees and tomorrow in more than 250 cities around the world will be actions in support of bees. In Omsk the actions take place near one of shopping centers called Kontinent. There everyone will see the performances of Omsk sport and dance schools and also there will be different games for people. “The main aim of this event is to educate young generation ecologically”, says the vice-director of Youth Welfare Department of Omsk Neila Bikmaeva. And at the end of the event all the participants will build a protection wall for bees and the organizers think that building of the wall will get to the Guinness Book of Records.

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Omsk has a chance to become one of the Eurasian Economic Union centers

Today on May 22 in Saint-Petersburg was opened the first forum of spatial development called The harmony of complexity. Specialists from many countries take part in the forum they are from England, Germany, Italy, China, USA and SAR. The general partner of the forum is Interstate Corporation of Development. “Now many megalopolises have to solve the same problems like keeping and preserving their own traditions and historical and cultural uniqueness and also creating of unified global infrastructure for doing business and combine it with comfortable urban environment. For me the example of good urbanization is Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong”, says the general director of Interstate Corporation of Development Ivan Polyakov. “We hope that in each city where we have our branches like in Saint-Petersburg, Omsk, Bishkek, Minsk, Erevan will be good urban conditionals which helps to create good economical development of big cities and at the same time which can create every day comfort for citizens and all this should be framed by architecture and modern buildings. I am sure that Omsk has everything to become one of the Eurasian Economic Union centers.” The Saint-Petersburg forum will be from May 22 to May 24 and specialists will discuss such issues like strategic development of megapolises in particular transport connection, preserving of historical heritage, introduction of new life-support systems and etc. Among declared speakers are the mayors of Erevan, Latvia, Peoples Republic of China, Austria, SAR and Great Britain. The head of the first Saint-Petersburg forum is the governor of Saint-Petersburg Georgiy Poltavchenko. The media partner is MKR-Media.

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