Omsk breaking news for April 16-17

Don't have money for repairing works? /
Omsk is a very good place for nationals from near abroad /
There will be a universal piano in Omsk /
Omsk still doesn't want to sort trash

Don't have money for repairing works?

Let's cover it with cloth! The municipal authority of Omsk found a creative way how to repair those buildings which are really old and shabby they will just cover it with cloth. This discussion started in February and the officials were trying to decide what they can do with those buildings which are located on the main streets of our city. The thing is that on 300th anniversary of Omsk will come many famous people and our officials are embarrased and don't want to show the guests this old, shabby and dingy buildings. But unfortunately there is no money to repair the buildings earlier there was a suggestion to take money from Capital Improvement Fund but the mayor of Omsk oblast has found another solution for this problem. He proposed to cover all those old buildings with cloth however this idea wasn't approved even among mayor's subordinates. There is another solution to make the owners of the buillding to make all the repair works.

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Omsk is a very good place for nationals from near abroad

Omsk oblast was named as one of the most favourable places for people from former USSR countries who moved to Russia. In 2015 1 672 people moved to Omsk via national programme which helps people move to Russian Federation. According to press-service of UFMS of Omsk oblast out of all people who have moved to Omsk there are 74,5 % of working age, 22,4% of children under 18 and 3,1% retirees. During the official registration of papers all nationals will be provided with support measures like lump-sum allowance, refund of moving charges and payment of the state duty for those documents which confirm the legal status, welfare services, public health service, education and work. Since 2009 17 095 people have moved to Omsk region via this national programme.

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There will be a universal piano in Omsk

 A specially designed piano will be placed in the city centre and everyone will be able to play it. The piano will have World map on it and it will be the first art object in Omsk oblast. This idea belongs to TV show called The green corridor on Prodvizhenie channel and organizers made sort of a contest for best sketch which later would decorate the piano. The winner was announced taday and it is Alina Begun who organized The city picnic and skating rink on the territory of Omsk fortress. So the place for the piano hasn't been chosen yet but it will be one of the places where Omsk citizens spend their free time. For the first time this projects was held in London in 2009 and called Play me, I'm yours and the organizer of the project was Sally Ray who by the way supported Omsk to start the project.

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Omsk still doesn't want to sort trash

The International environmental organization designed a special map of Russia which shows the enthusiasm of each city to sort the household refuse and Omsk is at the bottom position on this map. There are 63 cities on this map and they have been devided into five groups from those where the sorting of household refuse is already working up to those where nothing has been done so far. Among the first group is only one city Petrozavodsk which has the whole recycling system. Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk are among those cities which support this idea and they have special recycling plants and stations for collecting the recycliable material. Unfortunately Omsk is in the last group according to specialists Omsk city hall desn't want to implement recycling technologies. Omsk city hall told that all they can do is to wait when the new recycling factory will be built and when there will be the sanitation scheme. Also Omsk citizen can write a letter to the mayor or governer and ask them to organize separate collection of waste. The recycling of waste is a very important issue for Omsk especially when two SDW landfills were shut down in Omsk and now there is only one working. And the building of rubbish incinerator plant was put off for unkown period of time as it was said by vice-mayor and the head of Department of municipal economy Sergey Frolov.

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