Omsk breaking news for April 8

Omsk citizens will pay tribute to war heroes /
It's mite's time! /
Now there is a Kazakh yurt in Omsk

Omsk citizens will pay tribute to war heroes

On May 8 there will be a flash mob which is devoted to Great Patriotic War the organizers of the event are the administration of Central and Leninskiy disrticts, children's organization called The Future of Siberia and The City Palace of children and youth creativity. So the main idea of the flash mob is to create a linen which will be made from small cloth peaces the size of which is about 30x30 centimeters and on this small peaces of cloth the participants will write the names, dates of birth and brief information about war heroes whome they know and after all the peaces will be put together. And the organizers said that the participants will carry this linen on May 9 along the river embankment. And at the same day there will be another flash mob in which everyone can perticipate all you have to do is to come in white T-shirt with Ribbon of Saint George and white cap and after the participants will form a word Remember and they will be pictured from a bird's-eye view.

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It's mite's time!

Now in Siberia it is time when mites are becoming very active and in order to avoid the infection from them it is necessary to till the forests and parks with special chemicals. The Regional Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance has already sent letters to organisations with orders to till the area but however not all green city zones will be tilled. The most effective method to pretect from mites is vaccination and there have been brought over 100 thousand portions of free vaccination for some groups of citizens. About 95% of children and adults who are at the professional risk group will get the free vaccination other citizen may get it for some charges and it is better to do it right now until mites are very active. There have been no accidents of mites' bite in Omsk yet but if it happen to you it is very important to go straight to the doctor because mites not only the carriers of encephalitis but other bad diseases which can lead to neurologic and mentally problems and even death.

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Now there is a Kazakh yurt in Omsk

Akim of North Kazakhstan region presented to Omsk local history museum the sample of traditional dwelling for the nomadic peoples of Asia. The oficial presenting of the yurt will be tomorrow on April 9 and there will be the director and other workers of North Kazakhstan museum, the representatives of Siberian center which specialises in Kazakh's culture and others. And meanwhile the yurt has already taken its place in Omsk museum.

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