Omsk breaking news for March 31

Mission Impossible: Save chipmunks /
Omsk citizens are ready to make a complaint to European Court of Human Rights /
Omsk poet has published a one-word book

Mission Impossible: Save chipmunks

Omsk citizens are doing all their best to save the chipmunks because the population of this animal can be seriously reduced however environmental activists won't let that happen. Because of the big amount of snow the poor animals cannot find food for themselves and their winter resources almost have come to an end they will just die from starving. Sometimes they can commit a suicide desperate chipmunk can climb the branch that looks like a slingshot and hang itself there. So Omsk citizens could participate in rescuing operation and during the day they will have to be in forest and put food for animals everywhere. The sponsor of the operation is Russian Geographic Society. All you need to do is to be more than 18 years old and make an application. The organizers of the operation warn that you need to have a winter clothes with you and plus all the participants will be supplied with special winter shoes and they need to be ready walk a lot in snow.

So, did you buy this? If so than Happy fool's day to you guys!!!

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Omsk citizens are ready to make a complaint to European Court of Human Rights

Three Omsk citizens applied to Russian constitutional court with a complaint about oblast law which abolishes the direct elections of the mayor and heads of districts. The activists refer to Russian Constitution which gives them a right to vote. If the Russian constitutional court doesn't come to their side they will apply to European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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Omsk poet has published a one-word book

Ilybay Baktybaev has published the first and only nano book which consists from one word. However the size of the book is far from the nano one. The book has only one word "yes" and the rest of the pages contain the preface and explanation why and what for this book has been created. The author of the book thinks that the word "yes" may give a reader food for thought and the idea to create this book was born after he talked with his father who was the hero of World War II. When he was talking about his life and hard moments suring the war he always thoughtful said the word "yes". The author told that had been thinking about this for a long time and he started to notice how people use this word when something happens they think and then say the word "yes". There have been printed one thousand copies already. Many foreign journalists got interested in this book and the author himself thinks that the book can be a special thing of Omsk oblast.

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