Omsk breaking news for March 23

People from the Crimea will find out more about life of Siberian people /
Dance competition in Omsk /
Zoran Terzich: It's time to say goodbye

People from the Crimea will find out more about life of Siberian people

A few days ago in Simferopol was signed an agreement between Omsk State Museum of local history and the Crimea Ethnographic Museum this agreement states that there will be an exhibition in the Crimea about Asian Russia which will show the diversity of people from Siberia. This project will support the idea of Russian President to integrate new region of Russian Federation into cultural life of the country. So a big ethnographic collection from Omsk musum will be sent to the Crimea which was exhibited for the first time on World Fair in Paris in 1900. As the press-service of Omsk State Museum of local history told the Crimean people interested the most in objects which characterize people from Siberia and of course Altayskiy shamanism.

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Dance competition in Omsk

On April 11 and 12 there will be an International Dance Competition and the organizers expect that over thousand of people will participate in the competition: children, juniors, adults and about 500 pairs will represent Omsk region. Only the best professionals and coaches will be in the jury and also the international judge from Italy Pino Magnelli. The main judge of the competition is Irina Solomatina from Moscow. Not only parents and coaches will be able to support the contestants but also everyone who wants to see the show. This year the competition takes place in Omsk sport centre of world standard where the contestants and visitors will feel very comfortable. And in the evening there will be demonstration performance of famous dancers and finalists.

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Zoran Terzich: It's time to say goodbye

The coach of Omsk volleyball team soon will leave his position. In June the contract of Zoran Terzich will expire and he won't get the offer to sign a new contract and just to point out thanks to efforts of the Serbian specialist Omsk volleyball team got two bronze medals in Superleague. According to the information Zoran has been already informed about the direction's decision and his assistant Zeljko Bulatovic will leave too. It is already known that the new coach of Omsk volleyball team will be Russian but who it will be is still a secret. And also during the off-season Omsk volleyball club also ill say goodbye to some of the players like Yulia Kutukova, Nancy Carrillo, Ekaterina Orlova, Anastasia Shlyahova and Victoria Kuzykina. This year Omsk volleyball team didn't have the chance to fight for the Superleague's medals, lost to Moscow volleyball team Zarechie Odintsovo however they managed to win the silver medals of Russian Cup.

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