Omsk breaking news for March 17

Karen Shakhnazarov will be the head jury of the film festival Dvizhenie /
Omsk sportsmen won three world champion belts in Muay Thai /
Poetry readings in Youth Theatre

Karen Shakhnazarov will be the head jury of the film festival Dvizhenie

As Karen Shakhnazarov himself told that it would be an honour to be the head of the film festival and be in the jury together with the actress Victoria Isakova and the cameraman Pavel Kapinos who has just finished his latest work the film called Duhless 2. This film festival will be held in Omsk from April 22 to April 26 and the president of the festival is director and script writer Artem Mikhalkov and of course the festival is assistaned by The Russian Ministry of culture and Omsk administration. Some other famous directors and cameramen will be in the jury for example the film director Alena Melikyan and others. They will have to name the winners in six nominations which are Grand Prix, Best director, Best actor/actress, Best camerawork and Best screenplay.

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Omsk sportsmen won three world champion belts in Muay Thai

The twelfth world championship in Muay Thai box has come to an end in Bangkok. Five Omsk boxers brought victory to out city among them is Vladislav Popov who got his place in the final by stopping his opponent in two seconds. Over 300 hundred sportsmen from 40 different countries took part in this championship and the winners are from Brasil, Thailand, Poland, Iran, Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic. The Russian national team has won a third place according to team scoring and won five belts, three gold and ten silver medals. The boxers from Omsk fight club Letur were named as one of the best and qualified boxers in Muay Thai and they are Alerkander Osetrov, Andrey Zakopaylo and Vladislav Popov they won the world champion belts and Victor Sagayda and Kristina Stepchenko won silver medals. Vladislav Popov distinguished himself during this championship he was easily winning over his opponets from France, Portugal, England and in the final he won over the boxer from Iran. But despite the fact that the championship in general went well there were some awkward situations like the national team of Bangkok stalked out of the stadium because the juty announced the winner a boxer from the Kyrgyz Republic and Thai team was disagree with that. And during the awards ceremony when Russian sportsmen were receiving their medals instead of Russian anthem were played the patriotic song which was written by Michail Glinka and abolished 15 years ago.

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Poetry readings in Youth Theatre

This week on March 21 in Omsk Youth Theatre will be a poetry readings called Poetry Store where the actors will read poems of famous modern authors. And later everyone who wants to read poems will be able to do it also on the stage. The orginizers told that those who didn't want to read poems in public could just come and listen because each creative person needs an audience and that's why those who would come to listen will be most welcomed. Also this poetry reading will visit Omsk musicians like music bands 52nd, D.S.D. and the singer Aleksey Gneushev.

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