Omsk breaking news for March 11

The gymnasts from all Siberia will visit Omsk /
For the first time Omsk citizens will celebrate Nowruz /
Let me upgrade you! /
Football teams from Omsk orphanages might be able to play in London /
Snowfall in Omsk made a mess on Omsk roads

The gymnasts from all Siberia will visit Omsk

This week from March 12 up to March 15 will be the Siberian federal district championship in rhythmic gymnastics as it was reported by MinsportMedia. About one hundred gymnasts from Kemerovo, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk oblast and from Krasnoyarsk, Altai, Transbaikalia territory will compete with each other as in individual and group performances. Last year the championship took place in Kemerovo and Omsk gymnast Kristina Dynina showed the best result in individual performance and got the third place. Omsk national team according to the results of the competition won the firts place in team standings.

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For the first time Omsk citizens will celebrate Nowruz

According all traditions when it is a vernal equinox all Turkic people in the world celebrate their ethnic holiday Nowruz. For the first time Omsk moslems will celebrate it in public at the stadium Krasnaya Zvezda on March 22. So the celebration will be opened and everyone who wants to take a part in it will be welcomed. There will be tajik, uzbek, kazakh, azerbaijan and kirghiz public associations of Omsk and social programme will be very diverse from national fights to mind games. The visitors will be treated with ethnic cuisine and for those who are interested there will be master class in national dances.

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Let me upgrade you!

The programme about travelling Green corridor which is broadcast by one of the Omsk channels Prodvizhenie has decided to support the english project called Play me, I'm yours and they place a piano in the centre of the city so everyone can play it. But before the organizers will place the piano it needs to be upgraded and transformed into an art object. The most creative Omsk citizen can help to think of a right sketch for the piano. As for the piano's safety the organizers hope that nobody will do anything bad with it and everybody will be decent because nobody will guard the piano and chain it to the nearest benches. This project was launched in London in 2009 and one of its organizers Sally Ray supported omsk organizers in their undertaking.

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Football teams from Omsk orphanages might be able to play in London

Omsk is the first city in Siberia where will be held the 10th Russian Junior Premier League among orphanages and boarding schools. On March 16 at the stadium Krasnaya Zvezda will be matches between 17 teams from Omsk oblast. The competition will be in two age category among children of 12 to 13 and 14 to 15. During the whole month the preliminary rounds will be also in Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Abakan, Kemerovo, Barnaul, Kyzyl and Gorno-Altaysk. Overall there will be over 140 teams which is 900 children and teenagers. In April the winners from all districts will compete to each other and after two the most strongest teams of Siberian federal district will go to all-Russian final in Sochi. The main prise for the winners is the trip to London where Russian football players will be able to visit the training ground of the famous football team Arsenal and will play a match with Arsenal junior team. The media partners of the competition are news agency OmskZdes, Siberian news agency, radio Siberia and television channel Prodvizhenie.

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Snowfall in Omsk made a mess on Omsk roads

The first month of spring brought with it a big amount of snow and surprised Omsk citizens by it. The last night snowfall had been going on for 12 hours and shut down all the roads in Omsk and Novosibirsk. During the rush hour the cars' speed went down to 5-10 kilometers per hour and there were many road accidents. According to police data for the last 24 hours there were 127 road accidents where nine people got injuries. Omsk administration said that road services were cleaning the road all night but because of the heavy snow their work was for nothing. Such weather will be during the whole week said the weather forecasters.

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