Omsk breaking news for March 2

Last weekends Omsk oblast had a sports and athletics meeting /
The refugees from Ukraine keep comming to Omsk /
The blood donor flash mob in Omsk

Last weekends Omsk oblast had a sports and athletics meeting

This year sport games were anniversary ones because they coincided with other two round anniversary the first one is 90th anniversary of Bolsheukovskiy district and another one is 280th anniversary of village Bolshye Uki. The show started from airshow and after there was a parade of sportsmen from 32 districts of Omsk oblast and after the hoisting of flag and the ignition of the sport cup. The competition included seven types of sport like cross country skiing, chess, polyathlone, speed skating, cross-country race, futsal and hockey. Over 800 hundred sportsmen took part in the competition.

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The refugees from Ukraine keep comming to Omsk

According to press-service of UFMS of Russia in Omsk oblast the refugees from southeast part of Ukraine still keep comming to Omsk oblast. Only for February 2015 about 53 refugees came to Omsk oblast and all of them were accommodated to temporary holding facilities in Tukalinskiy district and village Gorkovskoe. All the refugees are planning to get the provisional asylum and later get the Russian citizenship. They all have done the fingerprint registration.

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The blood donor flash mob in Omsk

Starting from today a new all-russian project called The day of donor full age will be launched. The main aim of the project is to attract full age donors who can donate their blood and after the procedure each donor will get a certificate of first ever blood donation and some nice souvenirs. The initiator of the project are Ministry of Health and Federal Medical and Biological Agency the idea came to their minds in 2010 and since then this project has been held six times already. So om March 3 at 15:00 on the river embankment near Pobedy boulevard will be a flash mob devoted to blood donors. Also there will be some educative meetings for freshmen and outreach brigades where all volunteers will be able to donate blood.

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