Omsk breaking news for February 20

Omsk convicts made a tank T-34 out of snow /
Alexander Shlemenko, "I don't pay attention to the fool's words" /
Omsk skier has won three medals on paralympic World Cup /
Omsk can sleep calmly. Cavalrymen are on watch

Omsk convicts made a tank T-34 out of snow

In medical-correctional institution No. 2 was held a competition in honour of Defender of the Fatherland Day the contestants supposed to make a differents snow and ice figures. The convicts from group No. 6 presented to the jury full size model of Soviet tank T-34 but in spite of the work which was done by authors of the sculpture they got only the second place in the competition. The first place was won by convicts from medical unit they made the exact copy of missile launcher Topol-M. The jury was impressed how the authors managed to keep attention even to the smallest details. On the third place was group No. 7 who made Soviet War Memorial. The main idea of the competition was to unlock talents of convicts and to get them busy with interesting projects in their free time.

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Alexander Shlemenko, "I don't pay attention to the fool's words"

Earlier the American boxer Brandon Healthy who has Bellator champion belt said that there will be no problem for him to win over Alexander Shlemenko for the second time less than a minute. Let's go back to the last year when Alexander Shlemenko and Brandon Healthy had a fight in autumn and American boxer used a submission hold and won after 35 seconds from the beginning of the fight. After that fight Alexander Shlemenko lost his title of the best boxer in middleweight. Brandon Healthy saw the last fight of Alexander Shlemenko with Melvin Manhoef and wasn't impressed that he even posted some comments on Twitter about his rival that if they meet again he will do the same thing with Alexander as he did last time. That's how Alexander reacted to Brandon Healthy's words, "I don't care what this fool man is saying. I know exactly why I lost to him last time and that's why I want to meet him again as soon as possible. I know that he has too high an opinion of himself and I can understand if he was Melvin Manhoef for example than he could say that it is better not to mess with him but he is just Brandon Healthy and nothing more. What do you take a risk for? Well, yes, he can use a submission hold and stuff like that but he won't beat you. So therefor I have a question whome I should be afraid of - the boxer who will hit you that you won't be able to come to your senses or the boxer who will knock you down and will drag along the pit. How it can be possible that I don't want to meet him on the contrary I'm really looking forward to meet him. Right now it is the main purpose of mine and I'm ready to fight with him even tomorrow."

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Omsk skier has won three medals on paralympic World Cup

Natalia Kocherova has won three bronze medals on the competition which took place in Asahikawa, Japan. Natalia won her first medal in sprint for 2,5 kilometers, Oksana Masters from USA won the gold medal and Marian Martinsen from Norway won the silver one. The second medal Natalia won after 12-kilometer race and our sportsman was overun again by sportsmen from USA and Norway only this time they switched prize places. And the last medal was in 5-kilometer race and again sportsmen from USA and Norway kept company to Natalia. The last stage of World cup IPC will be held in Norway city Surnadal from March 16 to March 22, 2015.

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Omsk can sleep calmly. Cavalrymen are on watch

For the first time in Omsk there will be cavalry group which will consist of 50 policemen and 20 horses. The cavalrymen are already patrolling parks, forests and other suburb districts and also they are on duty during public events. To create this new group it was necessary to make some preparations like to repair stables, buy new harnesses and equipment for animal transportation. The grand opening of the new cavalry group was today and cavaltymen showed all their skills in ridding a horse and they need to be professionals because they have to spend 12 hours on horse. Each cavalryman has to look after his horse and love his job and give their best shot. Omsk cavalry group is the biggest in Siberia and for the last three years cavalrymen detained over thousand of lawbreakers and help to solve 94 crimes.

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