Omsk breaking news for January 15

Omsk volleyball team has all chances to be out of ligachampion group /
TV battle: alcohol vs sobriety /
Still wanna leave Omsk?

Omsk volleyball team has all chances to be out of ligachampion group

The day before our Omsk volleyball team Omichka gained a second victory in the tournament over the Polish team Impel. Omsk team let the rivals to win only the first set but the rest of the match was in their claws. The match ended with the result 3:1 in favor of Omsk team. So right now if the Polish team wants to be in playoff they need to win the Switzerland team Volero and Turkish team Eczacibasi.

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TV battle: alcohol vs sobriety

On January 1 2015 Russian government made some amendments to advertising law according to these amendments at night time there will be advertising of beer and vine which are produced on Russian territory from domestic raw materials. Omsk experts think that if alcohol advertising is showed again on TV it will have bad impact on young generation and also will be the reason of mass alcoholization. Therefore was made a decision to show right after alcohol advertising another videos where people will be able to see the harm of alcohol over-use.

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Still wanna leave Omsk?

The new documentary film about Omsk is coming out on big screens and the premiere of the film will be on the channel called Prodvizhenie. The 30 minute film was shot by social film studio ISS Art Media so the film tells the story why young citizens tend to leave their home town and also it includes some game elements and interviews of famous Omsk citizens who talk about city's potential which is really favourable for creative and professional development.

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