Omsk breaking news for December 16

Less than 5% of omsk citizens will spend their new year’s holidays abroad /
Omsk Red Data Book will be republished /
Omsk lacks of human potential

Less than 5% of omsk citizens will spend their new year’s holidays abroad

According to survey which was carried out by the research service of web portal Rabota55 less than 5% of Omsk citizens will go abroad for their New Year’s holidays. 54% will spend the holidays in the city and about 24% of citizens are willing to visit their relatives in other inhabited localities of our region. And only 4% of the citizens are planning to go abroad. But other 18% said that their holidays would not be as good as others because they will have to work.

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Omsk Red Data Book will be republished

The scientists from Omsk State Pedagogical University have already prepared new information for republishing The Red Data Book. The second edition of the book will include new information about almost 90 new species of animals among which will be invertebrates generally insects, three species of crayfish and two species of lamper eel. Also eight faunal forms will be exempted from the book such as Altai mole and Przewalski horse because these animals are no longer exist on Omsk territory and the swallowtail butterfly which on the contrary is already not much to seek.

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Omsk lacks of human potential

Omsk is in the list of outsiders because it lacks of human potential which is the main reason for effective development of the city and society itself. The survey was undertaken by Graduate school of urban studies and planning in Moscow and they presented the results on one of their forums. Rating was made according to the next criteria: the level of education (number of students, grade point average of State Exams, number of people with undergraduate education and with high education), the level of health (mortality rate and infant mortality coefficient) and the level of common weal (average rate and food basket). So unfortunately Omsk is among cities-outsiders with its human potential. The human potential index of Omsk is 4.298 while other cities have the index about 5.4 and higher.

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