Omsk breaking news for December 4

Curling season is opened in Omsk /
Weather forecast from famous psychic

Curling season is opened in Omsk

The tournament of amateur teams will be from December 6 to December 7 and will take place in Sports Palace named after A. V. Kozhevnikov. Seven teams as well as men’s and women’s will fight for the Federation Cup of curling. If you would like to take a part in this tournament you should register on website and leave all the necessary information which is required. And plus all the members from one team must have the same uniform or at least shirtfront.

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Weather forecast from famous psychic

Mohsen Norouzi is a winner from the 10th season of famous Russian programme Battle of psychic. He predicted that this winter would not only empty the wallets of Russians but also cause manmade disasters. According to Mohsen Norouzi words winter in Siberia and Chukotka will be like in a fairy tale snowy, frosty and sunny but people in Krasnoyarsk, Yakutsk, Verkhoyansk, Oimyakon, Omsk and Ufa should expect abnormal frosts. Mohsen also made some predictions about financial situation and told that in the near future there will be no changes with ruble it will remain the same so Mohsen advised not to spend money for no reason and not give up job. And for those who wants to move from Russia and start their own business Mohsen told that Argentina is the best place to do all those things.

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