Omsk breaking news for December 3

Omsk pupils passed their first exam /
Omsk dentists are working on new gel which prevent caries /
Сonsolidation of media assets

Omsk pupils passed their first exam

Today Omsk pupils passed their first exam which is essay and they wrote it for 4 hours. Special committee will evaluate the essay according to five criteria: if essay corresponds to the theme, good arguments, knowledge in classical literature, composition and logic of narration, quality of written speech and literacy. Even though pupils had only three months to get ready to this exam nevertheless teachers think that this is for the best this exam gives pupils the reason to read more.

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Omsk dentists are working on new gel which prevent caries

Omsk specialists want to certify medications which will prevent and treat caries. Their work began in 1970 in Omsk State Medical Academy. There are seven types of gel which consist of factor IV, phosphor and fluorine without any chemical preservative. All clinical trials were very successful and that’s why all these gel are of a very high quality.

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Сonsolidation of media assets

The head of Interstate Corporation of Development Ivan Polyakov on a press conference in Krasnoyarsk stated that the company is entering the local media market. The main aim of the company is to introduce high-tech telecommunication products and to carry out true informational policy within the territory of Eurasian Economic Union. Also Ivan Polyakov brought into focus that is one of the best news portal in Siberia. Krasnoyarsk and other regions of Siberia have many good enterprises which can make many Russian products competitive and Ivan thinks that Mass Media should help to advertise and make more popular those products.

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